3 Fitness Plans That Can Get You Healthier in 2015

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January is the time for fitness resolutions, but the reality is that most people fail to follow through on health or weight loss objectives. If you’ve struggled in the past, it might be that you haven’t been choosing a realistic fitness plan that matches your personality, goals and lifestyle. Meeting with a personal trainer and developing a plan is probably the best solution for almost everyone, but here are three ideas you might consider to get you started:

  1. Ignite 360 Fitness

    If you’re already fit but looking to improve even further, then Ignite 360 Fitness might be a good move for you. This is a sports training program developed by elite sport institution IMG Performance. It’s a customizable system that allows you to push yourself while minimizing the risk of injury because it focuses on a combination of balance, movement and strength. It’s a much safer option than some of the trendy systems that promise quick, dramatic results (such as CrossFit), and focuses on form in ways that at-home systems like P90X simply can’t because of their format. That, in turns, can result in long-lasting gains.

  2. Group Pilates Classes

    If you’re just getting back to working out or have struggled with pain management with previous exercise plans, then low-impact strengthening regimens such as Pilates might offer the balance you need. Many people find that coming to a class, as opposed to trying some similar exercises on their own, keeps them accountable to their fitness commitments until they’ve built solid habits. And for people who have often experienced pain with previous forms of exercise, it’s important to have a certified teacher who can modify exercises and assess what is part of the “normal” pain of training (simple muscle soreness) and what indicates a larger problem that might need physical therapy or medical treatment.

  3. Activity-Based Fitness

    If you’re not much of a “gym person,” then you might struggle to keep up a fitness routine based on using machines or props inside. However, you might find your perspective on fitness in general changes dramatically when you find a physical activity you can enjoy during your leisure time or incorporate into your daily life. A popular example is cycling; you can either ride your bike with friends and family, enjoying fresh air and beautiful vistas, or you might try to switch out some of your car commuting time for cycling. Either way, you’ll be giving your heart, lungs and muscles a workout on a regular basis. As you improve, you might consider a bike fitting to facilitate more challenging routes.

Are you more of an Ignite 360 Fitness person, or a Frisbee in the park person? How do you plan on being more active in 2015? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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