10 Tips to Improve Your Cardio Workout

Making cardio workout as a part of your daily exercise improves your overall body fitness. But, you need not to waste hours on treadmill for achieving your objectives. The following tips would help you to achieve desired results within short span of time. Hence, make them as a part of your exercise.

  1. Increase the Incline:

It would be better if you head for hills rather than wasting your time on treadmills. Running uphill would help you to burn more calories. It is said that running uphill improves strengthening of muscles, thighs and running form.

  1. Hands Free:

When you are using certain cardio equipment, never hold to the handrail. You just need to pump your arms forward and back.  This workout is really effective for burning the fats.

  1. The Great Outdoors:

Are not you tired from indoor exercise? If yes then try outdoors. Go to the mountains for trail running or hiking. This is really important for stabilization of your muscles.

  1. Stop and Go:

For better results, adopt habit of intervals. When you are done with 100 meters sprinting, go for jogging or walking.  Alternation of workouts is highly recommended by experts.

  1. Swing It:

Try to use kettlebell for improvement of your heart rate and lungs efficiency.

  1. More Work, Less Rest:

Make a schedule of 7 or 9 exercises on daily basis. When you are done with first exercise, start with next one. Do not waste your time in rest. Yes, few minutes rest is allowed in some cases.

  1. Keep Pace:

If you are having a smart phone then use the most famous heart monitor app named as FitDay. Besides, GPS is also recommended for recording your pace and distance.

  1. Turn it Up:

Someone has rightly said that music is necessary for motivation. This is what you need to do.  During the course of your exercise must listen to music of your choice. This would increase your pace of performance to fullest extent.

  1. The Buddy System:

Workout without friends or trainers is of no benefit. If you wish to learn some new experience always exercise with your friends or coach. Once you have the sense of accountability in your mind, you would keep improving your performance.  Hence, adopt the buddy system.

  1. Be Consistent:

The best and notable way to improve your overall performance is to be consistent with your workouts.  Your fitness goals can only be achieved if you do not compromise on your exercise routine.

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