3 Questions You Need to Ask an OBGYN

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Finding a doctor isn’t too hard. With so many out there, all you need to do to find a doctor is just search Google for a bit, and then check online resources to see if they’re reputable. Finding a medical specialist, though? That’s a bit more tricky, especially if it’s an OBGYN.

No matter how frustrating the search may be, you need to take your time, and know what questions to ask an OBGYN. Here are just a few.

What Are Your Philosophies About Birth? – One of the first questions to ask an OBGYN is what they believe in when it comes to birth, because it’ll give you an idea of how they may try to approach the process. Do they see birth as a medical process that needs to be constantly monitored because of all the risks involved, or as a natural process where nature should just take its course?

What Hospital Do You Attend? – This is more of a pragmatic question, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. OBGYNs only work in certain hospitals, so you need to make sure that one of the hospitals the OBGYN works in is within driving distance of where you live and work.

How Much Choice Do You Feel I Should Have in the Decision Making Process? – Oftentimes, women and their partners tend to have a lot better birth experiences when they’re given options, and are more involved in the decision making process. This may not sound like a tremendous deal, but it prevent you from winding up experiencing post-birth depression. It’s important that you choose an OBGYN who keeps you involved. It’s your child, after all.

You may get frustrated as you search, but don’t give up. Finding an OBGYN isn’t easy, and you may be tempted to choose the one closest to you out of convenience, but if you know what questions to ask an OBGYN

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