5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Health Insurance

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Do you really need to have a health insurance plan? Picking out a plan just seems so confusing and frustrating these days, and health insurance companies always seem to use the most confusing wording when they explain what each individual plan requires and provides. Managing health care expenses can get tricky very quickly, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all, you have no reason to feel ashamed.

That being said, finding the best health insurance policy is worth the time and effort — and here are a few reasons why:

  • As you get older, you’re only going to encounter medical bills and need more preventative tests and treatments in order to keep living a healthy life. Prevention really is key when it comes to your health, but these tests and treatments are usually pretty expensive if you don’t have an insurance plan to help cover the costs.
  • Speaking of costs, new legislation has mandated that all Americans must have health insurance policies; if you don’t sign up for a policy at all, you’re charged a fine. And then if you end up getting sick at any point during the year, you’ll end up paying even more!
  • Emergency medical expenses are things that happen; even when you have an awesome savings account plan and you’re the most careful person on the planet, accidents will happen. You shouldn’t have to drain your savings account just because of an unforeseen illness.
  • Plus, as many people don’t realize, very few doctors’ offices will accept patients without health insurance plans; even some urgent care centers will require patients to provide proof of insurance. It’s really hard to get preventative care without having a primary physician for reference.
  • Consider all of the times you might go to a doctor — maybe not for an emergency or a preventative treatment, but for something like an ear infection. If you can’t see a physician, you’ll end up sitting in the hospital emergency room for who-knows-how-long and you’ll pay who-knows-how-much just so you can get an antibiotic prescription.

It might be stressful right now, but purchasing a health insurance plan is the best way to help yourself in the future!

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