A Basic Guide to Choosing a Floridian Dermatologist

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If you’re a Floridian who struggles with acne like I do, then you’ve probably been all over the physical and cyber map searching for a good dermatologist in Florida who understands the constant role the outdoors play in your life. But before you literally Google “dermatologist in Florida” again and compare random names with your insurance, we hope you’ll pause to ask yourself the following questions:
1. What exactly are my symptoms?
You’re probably thinking that each dermatologist clinic you visit is basically the same, especially since nothing has worked for your skin so far. However, dermatologists, just like general practitioners, usually have specialties and specific interest areas. You have a better chance of receiving the best skin care if you can clearly articulate what exactly is wrong with your skin. Are you one of the 50 million Americans who suffer from acne, for example, or does that new, blackish mole on your nose have you worrying constantly about skin cancer? Those are radically different problems.
2. What have I used before?
One of the first dermatologist questions you’re going to be asked once they get a handle on your problem is which solutions you’ve explored so far. So, create another list, and write them down. I for example went through all kinds of online skin care treatments and different potencies of salicylic acid before my dermatologist recommended I switch to treatments whose active ingredient was benzoyl peroxide. Keeping track of what you’ve tried will give your dermatologist hints about your case and what might work in the future.
3. What is this dermatologist’s ethos?
This may seem like an odd question, but any dermatologist in Florida worth their salt has a holistic, overarching belief in what causes most skin problems and how to fix them. For example, some dermatologists may focus on preventative, alternative treatments, like diet recommendations and herbal creams, whereas others are pretty quick to give you an Acutane prescription and send you on your way. Selecting a dermatologist based partially on a shared health ethos increases your chances of a mutually beneficial relationship.
4. How is this dermatologist on the customer service front?
Was it easy for you to get an appointment? Are they part of the growing number of health practitioners that offer online and phone consultations at your convenience? Was the receptionist polite and helpful? These may seem like small factors but they’ll come in handy if you ever have a skin emergency, believe me.
5. Can I afford it?
Finally, it is crucial to double and triple check your dermatologist’s insurance policy, as sometimes records between insurance companies and practices conflict. Make sure that office and service specifically is in-network so there are no surprise medical bills. Alternatively, if you are paying out-of-pocket, figure out financing BEFORE you consent to any treatment.
Florida is a great place to live. It’s also a great place to stay skin-healthy, if you approach treatment the right way. If anyone has a good recommendation for a dermatologist in Florida, please comment below with their contact information and specialization! We love rewarding good service with a plug.

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