Acupuncture for Emotional Healing — Alternative Treatment for Better Mental Health

Acupuncture for emotional issues

All over the world, there are hundreds of thousands of people who seek treatments for physical and mental conditions that can be said to fall into the realm of alternative medicine. Similarly, a large number of medical practitioners engaged in the practice of these alternative forms of treatment have also gained a lot of ground, helping a large number of people lead better lives after overcoming their problems. Even a number of traditional medical doctors have now also started integrating elements of alternative medicine into their treatment regimes, as their efficacy and benefits have been proven time and time again through actual cases.

One of the most commonly practiced and popular forms of this kind of alternative therapy is acupuncture. Acupuncture is the process of piercing the skin with fine needles at certain specific points of the body, and keeping them in place for particular lengths of time to heal diseases and health conditions. These points can vary corresponding to the kind and intensity of the condition being treated, and are called meridian points, in accordance with the concept in acupuncture that there is a total of 14 different meridians, or channels of energy, in the body through which the natural energy of the body flows. Any disruption in this flow brings about diseases, and stimulating these acupuncture points can correct that imbalance.

Let us take a look at some statistics pertaining to the practice of medicine and acupuncture in America. All over the country, there are an estimated 20,000 acupuncture practitioners helping people out with this form of treatment and therapy. More than 3,000 licensed traditional medical doctors have also been known to include acupuncture as an integral part of the therapy, and we can only assume that more will follow as the efficacy of this form of treatment becomes more and more popular. Earlier, acupuncture benefits were mostly focused on certain acupuncture effects on pain. This form of treatment was used to treat painful conditions, and many practitioners successfully used acupuncture pain relief points to cure particularly debilitating conditions.

With time the use of acupuncture for pregnancy success also gained quite a lot of ground. Recent developments, however, have seemed to open new doors and carried over the benefits of this popular form of treatment to other realms. Yes, we are talking about acupuncture for emotional healing. Mental and emotional conditions affect a large number of people in the country, and the use of acupuncture for emotional issues is certainly a great way to use a tried and tested mode of alternative treatment to solve a recurring and serious problem.

The basis of the use of acupuncture for emotional healing comes from the same premises that drive the use of acupuncture in other kinds of treatments — the concept of the meridians and meridian points. Practitioners believe that by tapping into these points, emotional distress can be significantly lessened, and the key to doing that is to practice the right way of harnessing the power of these points. This is where the concept of EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques first came into being.

The main idea about EFT is that using a specialized tapping technique on particular natural healing energy points on the body in a particular sequence can help people calm down their minds, enhance the flow of positive energy and gradually diminish negative emotions. The technique is deeply rooted in the concepts of acupuncture and acupressure, and has started gaining ground as a viable alternative to traditional medical treatments for dealing with mental and emotional issues.

EFT, or acupuncture for emotional healing, has been received favorably by many due to another advantage — it can easily be self-administered once you have received a little instruction from a practitioner of acupuncture for emotional healing. With very little effort, no machinery or complex techniques and harsh medication, a good number of people have found mental peace through the use of this technique and continue to do so in larger numbers.

If you are interested in acupuncture for emotional healing to solve your own problems or those of loved ones, taking a look at EFT and some of its finer points might well be beneficial overall.

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