Advanced Cancer Treatment Options and Proton Therapy

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Proton therapy is one of the advanced cancer treatment options that is currently being used. Since proton beam radiation therapy can be targeted to a specific area, it is more effective and safer than conventional radiation. This is because conventional radiation can extend beyond the tumor, which can potentially damage the surrounding tissue and organs. Proton therapy has been successful for treating a variety of cancers, such as breast and prostrate cancer.

Proton Breast Cancer Treatment

Proton therapy for breast cancer has been demonstrated to be effective in many cases. On average, when a woman receives proton breast cancer treatment, the radiation will rarely pass through to her heart or surrounding tissues. When compared with conventional radiation, an average of 50% less radiation will reach her lungs.

Proton Prostrate Cancer Treatment

Proton therapy for prostrate cancer has also demonstrated its effectiveness. As previously stated, given this therapy’s targeted approach, studies show that there is less damage to surrounding tissue and organs. The gastrointestinal structures, for example, receive at least 59% radiation than with X-rays.

It’s also important to note that men are less likely to become impotent after receiving proton therapy. A study showed that following proton therapy 94% of the men reported they were able to continue being sexually active.

Furthermore, researchers noted that there were no signs of the cancer returning after five years for men with these different risk levels:

  • Low-risk: 99%
  • Intermediate-risk: 94%
  • High-risk: 74%

Learn More About Proton Cancer Treatment

As of early 2015, over 30 particle therapy centers were under construction throughout the world. These centers offer a combined total of approximately 80 treatment rooms. While each treatment will usually take 15 to 45 minutes, the specific amount of time during which the protons are delivered to the tumor is generally one to two minutes.

In order to learn more information about how proton treatment is used to treat various forms of cancer, one of these centers can be contacted. When someone is currently under the care of an oncologist, however, there is a strong possibility that these specialists will be aware of this advanced cancer treatment option. Since this treatment option has demonstrated its effectiveness in treating a variety of cancers, it’s important to consult with a specialist within this field.

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