An alternative approche to treating your new diagnosis that could use some consideration

A cancer diagnosis can pull your life into perspective. Suddenly, the next year is not a promised situation and you find yourself wondering what the world is going to bring you. After receiving the news that your body is waging a war inside of itself, perhaps it is best that you consider all of your therapy and treatment options before you decide which one is the best for you and your cancer. Speaking with a doctor to discuss your options can be a beneficial part of your treatment process. When discussing advanced cancer treatment options make sure that proton cancer treatment is one of those that you discuss with your doctor at length. Proton cancer treatment could be just the treatment you need to consider in order to continue living your best life.

What is proton cancer treatment?

Proton cancer treatment is also referred to as proton treatment or proton beam treatment. This is a type of radiation that uses protons instead of x-rays to destroy cancer cells. Proton therapy can be used as treatment for breast cancer and even for treating prostate cancer

Many studies have even gone on to prove that when used as a prostate cancer treatment, proton beam radiation has caused a significantly reduced rate in the risk of impotence. In fact, 94% of men have stayed sexually active after having this proton therapy. It is not only prostate cancer that this cancer treatment therapy is a great option for, lung cancers, pediatric cancers, and different types of lymphomas are also showing signs of significant luck when these treatments are applied. Proton therapy for brain cancer has also proven to be successful. Your options when diagnosed with cancer have gown significantly and your doctors only want to do what is best for you.

The general sessions of this treatment are typically a lot quicker than traditional radiation therapy. These sessions only last between 15 and 45 minuets. The delivery of the protons to the tumor is typically only one to two minuets long. A fast procedure that has a successful rate in being comparable to other therapies and getting you in and out of the hospital can have you back on your feet quicker than you might expect. While this treatment may not be for everyone, with fast sessions it might just be the one for you.

Your time of diagnosis is a fearful and terrible time, but with all of the options that are now out there for your treatment perhaps it is time to keep your head up and explore your options. Anything that is going to get you better and back on your feet could be the best form of medicine to getting your life back into the busy order you’ve always had it. You have come this far, you can handle the hard road that is put in front of you. Just remember to best explore all of your options and make the best decision for you and your health.

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