Ancient Secrets Foot Massage is a Healing Device


The term Chinese Foot Massage is actually a bit of a redundancy since foot massage (or foot reflexology) is actually of Chinese origin — at least partially. There are also indications that discoveries in archaeology and related cave illustrations date foot reflexology back even further, some 3,000 years or more, to ancient Egypt.
The philosophy behind foot reflexology is based in Chinese medicine’s “meridian system,” as half of the twelve standard meridian systems are rooted in the feet; the other six and rooted in hands. The intricacies of these systems gets complicated, but suffice to say, the meridian system demonstrates how the extremities are connected to – and are therefore an impact on – the major organ systems of the human body.
To explain further, the meridian network interconnects all of our cells, organs, and tissues, thus tying each organ to a reflex point through a hub of 300 nerves. It facilitates a completely different vantage point for medical diagnosis than does Western medicine, since foot reflexologists can determine the origins of illness by applying pressure to different, very specific points on the soles and sides of feet.
Chinese foot massage is therefore quite useful for stimulating internal organs, the lymphatic system and improving overall circulation of blood in the human body. It is not, however, wholeheartedly accepted by western medicine as a viable treatment for anything in particular. The western medical ideal sees the foot as a mere appendage, made up of ligaments, bones and joints. But our eastern friends insist it can be of use in treating illnesses both minor and severe, from the common cold to liver function issues and beyond.
Foot reflexology is considered a holistic, gradual approach to healing. While it is out of step with the western ideal of speedy recovery, it is widely believed that regular foot massages can help your body maintain a greater overall balance.
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