Are You Dealing with Constant Foot Pain?

Recovery time after bunion surgery

Aging is not fun, and if you are dealing with sore feet and looking at a treatment for bunions aging can be down right miserable. Finding the right podiatrist, however, can help you find the best solutions fast and move on to the treatments that you need.
If you are not able walk and get around the way that you are used to you may need to find a solution for bunion pain so that you can get back to your normal activity as soon as possible. Unfortunately, recovery time after bunion surgery will require you to take some time off to make sure that you are no longer dealing with the foot pain that has slowed you down in the past.
Consider some of these facts and figures about treatment for bunions and other foot conditions, as well as the questions that many people ask about whether or not bunion surgery painful:

  • 25% of all the bones in your body are in your feet, because each foot has 26 bones.
  • 10% of Americans suffer from Plantar Fasciitis at some point during their lifetime, a painful inflammation of a thick band of tissue that connects the toes to the heel bone.
  • The average American travels 75,000 miles on his or her feet by the age of 50.
  • At one time or another in their lives, 75% of Americans will experience foot health problems of varying degrees of severity.
  • Although 85% of people have legs of different lengths, this discrepancy rarely results in an uneven gait and a bunion on the foot of the longer leg.
  • Women are 10 times more likely to develop bunions than men.
  • Hammer toe is a deformity that causes the second or third toe to bend or curl downward instead of pointing straight ahead.
  • Nearly 20% of the U.S. population has an average of 1.4 foot problems every single year.

Whether you are dealing with a hammer toe, a bunion, or Plantar Fasciitis, it is important that you find the right podiatrist to help you consider the best and most timely solutions. Instead of spending another day in pain every time that you take a step, make sure that you find the doctor who can help solve your problems
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