Are You Suffering from Vericose Veins? Here are a Few Things You Should Know

EVLT (endovenous laser ablation therapy) is a procedure used to close vericose veins. These are veins whose valves are broken. This allows blood to flow back into the veins where it remains, causing the veins to expand, stretch, and twist up. This makes it difficult for blood to flow naturally.

Close to 25 million Americans have vericose veins. This condition often occurs in the legs, where the blood is farthest from the heart. These veins tend to protrude through the skin and bulge outward and may be rather unsightly.

However, combating vericose veins is about much more than how they look. Often, they become painful and uncomfortable, making everyday life difficult.

Am I at Risk of Getting Vericose Veins?

This condition of the veins is more common among women than men. This is especially true during pre-menstruation periods and menopause. Women have hormones that tend to relax vein walls, making it easier for blood to accumulate.

Pregnancy is another risk factor. During this time, the body produces more blood to accommodate the growing fetus. This may cause your veins to become enlarged.

Age and obesity are also key causes of vericose veins. As we grow older, our valves may become weaker, allowing blood to flow backward and collect in the veins. On the other hand, men and women suffering from obesity tend to put too much pressure on their veins, placing them at risk.

So, what is EVLT Vein Treatment?

An EVLT is a minimally intrusive therapeutic procedure that uses ultrasound, catheters, and lasers to treat vericose veins. This procedure is often performed on veins that are still rather straight, unblemished, and untwisted. The first EVLT procedure was done in 1997 and has been used to treat people ever since.

How It Works

Vericose vein treatment is a rather quick and uncomplicated procedure. This is how it works.

  • An interventional radiologist inserts a catheter into the vericose vein.
  • Using ultrasound technology, the doctor guides the catheter through the veins.
  • This catheter usually has a laser at its end that heats the wall of the problematic vein, effectively closing it.
  • Since blood is no longer flowing through a faulty vein, circulation becomes less constricted.
  • When the body recovers from this procedure, the vericose veins will shrink and fade.

EVLT Treatment- Is it for Me?

If you’re suffering from vericose veins, it may be worthwhile to consider EVLT treatment. This procedure is quick and is the best way to treat your vein complications.

Endovenous laser treatment is only minimally invasive that will only take an hour of your time. All it takes is a little incision to make way for the catheter. This sets it apart from most surgical procedures, which are usually quite intrusive.

This procedure is also very safe. After the treatment, you’ll be advised to wear compression socks. This will aid in blood circulation during the recovery process. It also reduces the odds of any swelling or bruising occurring. Another ultrasound will be performed a week later to ensure there are no clots in the treated veins.

An EVLT procedure is typically not very painful. You might experience mild to moderate pain for a while after the process. The leg may be sensitive to touch soon afterward, but this discomfort is bound to regress.

Another benefit of this procedure is the friendly EVLT cost. It is quite affordable to get your vericose veins treated. Your insurance may even pick up a significant part of the tab if your problematic veins cause you physical pain.

Is it Necessary to Treat Vericose Veins?

It is crucial to get treatment for your vericose veins, especially if they are causing you pain and discomfort. Sitting through an EVLT procedure will help you ease these symptoms. It can also help treat complications like leg ulcers, swelling, and skin discoloration, which often accompany this condition of the veins.

Undergoing EVLT treatment is the surest way of restoring blood circulation to the level it should be. Apart from laser therapy, you could control vericose veins by wearing compression stockings, exercising regularly, and elevating your legs while you rest.

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