Back To Basics The “What To Knows” About Back Pain

If you are dealing with chronic back, neck, shoulder, or head pain and are tired of trying to live your life around the pain, it is time to contact your local chiropractic clinic to get help with your spinal care. When you are living with back pain what to do at home day in and day out can make a big impact n your symptoms and your quality of life. A local spinal care expert can help you develop a customized care plan that addresses your causes, symptoms, and lifestyle needs.

Whether you are dealing with back problems that cause leg pain and numbness or you have bad cramps and back spasms lower back pain can be a major debilitating factor to have to live with every day. A skilled chiropractor can help you find a solution that works for you so you have less severe symptoms and less frequent flare-ups.

So, call your local chiropractor today for a consultation and to see what they can do for you to help control your back spasms symptoms lower back or upper back pain too. You deserve to live life on your terms, so call today to say goodbye to spinal pain!

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You may have heard the expression: “Growing old isn’t for sissies.” As your body ages, those aches and pains you may have experienced from time to time when you were younger increase and many people find themselves with chronic pain later in life. Your back and your feet are most at risk for this kind of pain, as both receive a significant amount of stress and use in everyone’s day to day. Indeed, over 31 million Americans have reported feeling lower back pain at some point and experts have gauged almost 80% of the population will have some kind of issue with their back at some point in their lives. Many people need surgeries to help fix the problem and many opt for minimally invasive spine procedures if it’s possible.
Why So Much Back and Foot Pain?
Since the feet and the back are the most common body parts to cause someone pain, many people may wonder, “Well why?” Regarding the feet, let’s think about it this way: our feet and ankles do a lot of work for us! The pressure of four to six times our body weight is often exerted on them when we go up stairs or steep inclines. Women who wear heels don’t do their feet or ankles any favors either — it’s been shown that women have four times the rate of foot problems than guys do. Studies have shown that lifelong trends of wearing heels are to blame for that one. Beauty really can be pain!
As for back pain, the causes can be varied, but can often be from bad posture, carrying or lifting heavy objects regularly and improperly. Back pain can also be the sign of a larger illness or condition or in some extreme cases, the sign of a tumor or infection present.
What Surgical Procedures Can I Take?
For your back problems, often minimally invasive spine procedures can do the trick — a good option if you’re concerned about the repercussions of surgery. In this type of procedure, a long incision is made on the area of your back that’s being operated on and surgeons access what they need to work on through that incision. If that doesn’t work, orthopedic surgery may be the next way to go. If you’re wondering when to consult an orthopedist for orthopedic knee surgery or other types of procedures, you should go when you’re experiencing chronic pain.

What Non Surgical Things Can I Do To Help Relieve Pain?
Even though you may eventually seek out more intensive medical help for your pain, there are certain things you can do before looking into surgery, even a more mild form, like minimally invasive spine procedures. For example, learning exercises and stretches that can help lessen or get rid of your pain can be very beneficial for day to day use. Going to a chiropractor or using heating treatments or cold compresses can also help.
Do know you don’t have to suffer alone — there are many different treatments that may help you with your pain. Look into all the options with your doctor and decide what’s best for you.

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