Baseball, the Great American Sport

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Baseball is considered the all American sport. There is nothing more American than spending the evening at a baseball game, snacking on a hot dog and chips. Most children experience their first baseball game at a very young age. Many of them will go on to join their own baseball teams and play baseball with their friends in school. The sport of baseball is great for children because it offers competition, community, and athleticism. In fact, installing batting cages for home is the perfect way to improve skill and the enjoyment of the sport.

Population of ball players in the U.S.

In just the spring of 2016, 13.46 million people played softball or baseball within the last 12 months in the United States. This number significantly increases if you also include the number of people who want to play baseball, but do not have access to equipment, and the number of people who enthusiastically view baseball on a regular basis. Improve the number of baseball players and enthusiasts in your home with home pitching nets and baseball equipment.

How to install private batting cages

Installing private batting cages does not have to be expensive or difficult. Simply purchase some sports netting material to stop the ball from going into other yards or breaking home?s windows. Make sure you also have plenty of batting cage replacement netting for repairing holes to the net. Create a pitching mound and batting stand and then bring in the rest of the baseball equipment. Make sure you also have sufficient safety equipment available, like padding and batting helmets and gloves. You can find all of this equipment, including the batting cage replacement nets from a local baseball supplier company.

Increase in community

One of the first things that you are likely to notice after installing your batting cage replacement net and frame is that community children, and even adults, will want to join in on the baseball game. According to a survey by the Athletic Footwear Association, 65% of youth athletes say they join sports to spend time with their friends. A lot of community connection is gone with technology today. Children are spending more time in doors and not getting to know their neighbors children. Installing your own home baseball net may be the way to reconnect the children of the neighborhood.


Technology and obesity seem to go hand in hand lately. Children are heavier than ever. While some believe that it is due to increased food portions and unhealthier food choices, others believe that it is due to the lack of exercise and athletic activities. Children are spending less time outdoors, because they have greater interests indoors. Video games, computers, and mobile devices do not encourage athleticism. Installing a home baseball field will not only increase outdoor time for children, but it is also likely to increase their athleticism.

Effective childhood skills

A 2015 survey revealed that parents believe playing sports has helped their children in the following ways, physical health (88%), giving the child something to do (83%), teaching discipline and dedication (81%), teaching how to get along with others (78%), mental health (73%), and social life (65%). These are all effective childhood skills than will translate into later adult life success. Children do not have as many opportunities today for sports and for learning these necessary life skills. You may not be able to force your child to join the local sports team, but you can improve their baseball skills with your home baseball net and batting cage replacement net.

Baseball originally started in the United States. Over the years, it has also made its way into other countries and remains ones of the oldest, and most popular sports. People enjoy both watching and playing the sport of baseball. You can increase your child?s life skills and connection to the community by installing your own baseball field. You might even find your own source of entertainment.

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