Best Cancer Survivor Books

The battle against cancer is never a simple one. People have to fight to beat the disease and without the proper support and treatment available this can seem like a nearly impossible uphill battle. Success stories can offer the guidance needed to make the fight seem easier. One book in particular, “Beat Breast Cancer Like a Boss: 30 Powerful Stories,” by Ali Rogin, is one of the best cancer survivor books because it tells the stories of multiple women who have managed to fight off the disease.

Breast cancer remains the second deadliest cancer for American women, with more than 42,000 death expected by the end of this year. However, there are currently more than 3.

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5 million women who have survived their battles.

For Rogin, her story was that of hardship. When diagnosed, public attention to the disease was minimal, and there were a lot fewer options available. Rogin has a genetic abnormality that increased the odds of both breast and cervical cancers. For her, the right option was a double mastectomy, meaning both of her breasts had to be surgically removed.

For additional information on the best cancer survivor books, as well as Rogin’s story, please review the attached video.


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