Broken Bones Are Tricky To Treat Easing The Process With Today’s Cutting Edge Bone Graft Technology

Medical technology is more efficient than it’s ever been. What used to take several weeks — even several months — can now be done in half the time.

Bone fracture technology is a great example of modern ingenuity. These troublesome injuries have a high risk of complication, with even a healed bone posing trouble if healed incorrectly. Bone grafting and bone repair has since risen up to fill in the gap, both literally and metaphorically. More accurate assessments can be done, creating a shorter window of recovery for the patient and less work for the doctor. Bone graft companies can provide you with a wealth of resources to do your job best.

What is the universal graft gun? What does it mean to use a bone graft delivery system? Learn more about the technology at your fingertips below.

Now is the right time to start getting reacquainted with your resources. Medical services are always changing on a dime, whether it’s from a new form of technology that’s been ushered in or changing expectations regarding healthcare. The United States has an aging population, one expected to hit 20% in just a few decades. This means there will be both more injuries…and better technology for handling said industries. Imagine how much more god you can do with the aid of better bone grafting technology.

The United States remains a world leader in more industries than one. To date, it is the world’s largest medical device market, with a total market value of $140 billion. A recent estimate found the American medical device industry employs over 365,000 people across 6,000 different companies. There’s always more work to be done when it comes to the health and safety of the public. Filling in that gap is a tall order, but one that can be achieved with better tools on your side.

The bone fracture can be a difficult injury to correct. The human body has a tendency to do what it wants, only guided by the hands of experienced professionals. Bone fractures usually heal in two to 10 weeks, depending, and this can be worsened by inferior technology. A study more than 15 years in the making found two million bone graft patients stating there’s a shifting trend from traditional bone grafts to bone graft substitutes. This same study also found there are nearly 85% of bone grafts today involving autogenous materials taken from the patient.

Devices for graft delivery can help shorten the recovery time for the patient. This means giving them exactly what they need as quickly as possible. The American medical device market accounts for around 40% of the global device market, with the United States exporting $45 billion in devices each year. Not only does this technology bode well for the American populace, it sends a ripple effect the world over. Bone graft companies have an even bigger impact than just fancier tools.

There are several reasons why patients seek out bone grafts. Some have had multiple fractures that aren’t healing properly (worsened by improper care). Some need to help two bones heal across a damaged joint. It’s also common to find patients seeking out attention for bone regeneration from an injury or implantation of a medical device. Bone graft companies can send you all the tools you need to handle whatever comes through your door. From a viable bone matrix to the universal graft gun, you’ll never be left short.

Keep your equipment well-stocked. Make sure your bone graft delivery service is giving you everything you need in 2019.

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