Could Your Cell Phone be Harming Your Body? Why EMF Shielding May be a Good Option for You!

Emf shielding

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) surround the population of the earth every day. They are present in the earth itself and can be endured without much consequence. However, with the rise of technology in the last few decades, EMF shielding has become necessary.

Why should I care about EMF?

The cell phone in your hand is emitting radiation right now, and some of it is seeping into your body. Even when you’re not actively using your phone, radiation is being emitted 24 hours a day. While some of this radiation is not harmful to you, the human body isn’t build to deal with all of the EMF that comes from computers, cell phones, and even radio frequencies. As a result of this, you could experience physiological symptoms.

What constitutes a dangerous amount of EMF?

Things like radio and cell towers are often the cause of increased exposure to EMF. Even small appliances in your home, such as a microwave or a laptop, could be emitting enough EMF to warrant a need to protect children and pets from EMF. If you can see a cell phone tower from your home within about 900 feet of your property, then EMF shielding may be necessary to protect your family.

What can I do to protect myself from EMF?

While full body protection is hard to come by, EMF protection jewelry can aid in keeping your body safe. By wearing an EMF shield, you can help deflect some of the radiation coming into your body. Another method is to limit your exposure to EMF altogether. While avoiding cell towers and other environmental factors is difficult, limiting your cell phone and computer usage can help tremendously. It is recommended that you keep your phone or computer at least one inch away from your face at all times, as well.

Keeping yourself and your family safe from danger should always be your number one priority, but staying alert to the dangers that are invisible can be difficult. EMF protection is just one way you can help keep your family safe.

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