Did You Know Half Of All ER Visits Could Have Been Treated At A Clinic Instead?

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You’ve been feeling hot and dizzy for a while. You can’t explain the source, only that you’re frequently uncomfortable and having a hard time focusing on work. Do you go to the emergency room or drop by an urgent care center?

When Americans type in ‘closest urgent care to my location’, they’re eager to get help as quickly as possible. When the emergency room is too expensive, but you also can’t afford to wait for a visit to your regular doctor, an urgent care center can meet you halfway. These facilities are designed to treat minor to moderate injuries or illnesses, ideal for situations that are too painful to wait through but not serious enough for an ambulance call. Even better? They can save you hundreds of dollars in medical costs while still giving you the care you need to recover. Let’s take a look at what a nearby urgent care center can do for you.

There Are Many Urgent Care Clinics Around The Country

One of the best qualities urgent care provides is its accessibility around the United States. Typing in ‘closest urgent care to my location’ will likely yield you not just one result, but several, perfect for those with tight schedules or in a personal bind. Urgent care medicine is one of the most rapidly expanding medical fields as we know it, with the majority of Americans preferring it as a supplement to their insurance or as their first healthcare choice.

Wait Times Are Generally Shorter Than A Doctor Visit

Do you worry about sitting around for hours before you can be treated? Are you fearful your condition could get worse in the meantime? As many as 60% of all urgent care centers have a wait time of 15 minutes or less, meaning you’re in and out in no time at all. While a family doctor should be seen for less extreme procedures, such as a pap smear or basic check-up, an urgent care center is useful when you’re in enough pain you can’t afford to wait a week or two to be seen.

Minor To Moderate Injuries Can Be Treated

An injury will lay you low, put you out of work for a few weeks and leave you stressed trying to budget your life accordingly. Urgent care centers aren’t just aware of this. These facilities are designed from the ground up to get you the treatment you need to start recovery as soon as possible. Over 25,000 Americans will suffer from an ankle sprain every day, with another four out of five urgent care centers even providing fracture care. Other minor to moderate injuries include burns, cuts and scrapes.

Minor To Moderate Illnesses Can Be Treated

Perhaps you don’t have a sprain or cut to focus on, but a bad bout with the flu that only seems to be getting worse. Filling in ‘closest urgent care to my location’ will already relieve a lot of stress on your shoulders when you’re fretting about the complications of an illness. Every year sees Americans coming down with nearly one billion colds, with the average child catching anywhere from six to 10 colds in a year. Even if you’re not sick at the moment, visiting an urgent care center for a check-up or a flu shot will save you a lot of time and money.

You’ll Save More Money Than An ER Trip Or Doctor’s Visit

Financial costs leave many Americans in a bad position once they recover. Stress is a silent killer and one that can affect your blood pressure, mental state and even make you sick all over again. When you save money, you save on stress, making urgent care centers even more valuable in the long-term. A private study conducted by Milliman found as many as 45% of all emergency room visits could have actually been treated in an urgent care setting. That’s as many as a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars saved.

When you type in ‘closest urgent care to my location’, you type in the first step necessary to receive fast, affordable, quality medical care.

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