Does Your Family Have A Genetic Predisposition Toward Heart Disease? You Need To Visit A Cardiologist

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Heart health is important. We all know this. But how do you know for sure your heart is healthy?

The best way to find out is to visit a cardiologist. While that does mean setting aside time in your very busy schedule to squeeze in a meeting with a licensed professional, it will give you a much bigger picture. The heart is a sensitive organ, capable of so much positive and negative with you none the wiser. One month it may beat as soundly as ever, the next it could be palpitating and leaving you with nauseous, aching feelings in the pit of your chest. Healthcare for women and men means taking the initiative before things get worse, rather than after.

Here are some easy tips on maintaining your heart health in the day-to-day, as well as a few reasons why you should consider dropping by a cardiology center for a check-up.

Change Up Your Diet

This is a common tip you’ll hear from any cardiologist. Your diet has a major impact on your physical and mental health, particularly if it compliments (or doesn’t compliment) your daily exercise routine. Healthy fibers are fantastic for your heart, so make sure to dig into a bowl of oatmeal or similar hot breakfast to put your best foot forward every day. Fish is another food that boasts low calories and low saturated fat counts. Toss some salmon over your salad or pair it with rice for a tasty and fulfilling dinner.

Exercise Multiple Times Per Week

It’s important you exercise multiple times per week to stay healthy. This can be difficult, however, when you have a busy schedule that keeps you hunched over your desk or sitting at a counter for hours at a time. It’s estimated just 20% of American adults actually receive their daily recommended amount of exercise. Just 20 to 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity three times per week can significantly reduce your risk of developing early onset heart disease, heart attack or stroke. This can mean jogging, brisk walking or cycling.

Get Plenty Of Deep Sleep Every Night

Not receiving your daily recommended amount of sleep can have a profound impact on your health and leave your heart at the mercy of early diseases. Your body goes through the gradual process of repairing itself from the stress of the day every time you lay your head down. Continuously interrupting this process, whether it’s not getting enough sleep or constantly waking up throughout the night, can have a long-term consequence on your heart’s ability to stay strong. A sleep apnea disorder left untreated has been found to increase a person’s chance of developing stroke by four times.

Develop A Healthy Relationship With Alcohol

You might have heard about the health benefits of drinking a glass of wine with dinner a few times per week…but are any of these claims true? While too much alcohol will have the opposite effect on your heart, indulging in a cup of red wine or a bottle of hoppy beer a few times per week can relax your heart rate and have a positive impact on your stress levels. Should you tick off all of these boxes (or few of them) and still find yourself unsure, it’s time to visit a cardiologist. Heart care services, at the end of the day, are the only way to know for sure where you stand in terms of physical health.

Visit A Cardiologist

Medical centers are resources you can tap into to better check up on the state of your health. Those with a genetic predisposition toward heart attack, stroke or heart disease have extra cause to meet with a cardiologist and get a physical. Warning signs include heart murmur, constant heart palpitations (those of which can be related to stress), chest pain, unexplained dizziness and unexplained nausea. A cardiologist can better inform you on the warning signs of a heart attack or offer you lifestyle changes to discourage heart failure at an early age.

When in doubt? Get to the heart of the issue. Let a cardiologist put you in a better spot to enjoy your life to the fullest.

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