Entertaining and Enriching the Elderly

Skilled nursing homes in maryland

Many seniors balk at the idea of moving to a nursing home or skilled nursing care facility because they have seen the stereotype of nursing home residents sitting around in their rooms, bored and listless. No one wants to live that type of life, and no nursing home wants to offer that kind of life, either. In fact, many nursing homes are bright, bustling places full of life and enterprise. Having a variety of activities to offer can boost nursing home ratings, attracting more residents.

Nursing home activities are often organized by a coordinator on staff, and can vary widely based on the physical and cognitive needs of the residents. Most nursing homes offer weekly bingo, movie nights, and trips to local shopping centers, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Organizing nursing home activities around a holiday or other theme is a good way to help seniors remember what activities are coming up. Holding a Valentine’s Day social, special breakfasts on Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day, or organizing birthday parties are all ways to help residents celebrate special occasions.

Other nursing home activities that involve the community can be important for seniors’ social interaction. Inviting children from residents’ families to trick-or-treat on Halloween or bringing volunteers with therapy animals to the home for pet therapy are great ways to bring smiles to the seniors’ faces.

Arts, crafts, and musical performances can lift the residents’ mood. Costs of supplies or inviting musical groups to perform are often minimal, and can be included in the cost of nursing home residency. Tending a small garden can help residents get fresh air and exposure to sunshine, which may prevent boredom and depression. Residents may also wish to take short walks, or even bicycle if the facilities allow it.

Skilled care nursing facilities often have a reputation for being depressing, lifeless places, but many organizations are working hard to change that. Most nursing home staff truly care about their residents, and want to see them living healthy, fulfilling lives. Activities are only a small part of what helps nursing homes benefit residents. To learn more, read this.

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