Finding the Right Rehabilitation Solutions Is Essential to Many Families

From the conservative talk show host Eric Bolling to your next door neighbor, there are many people who seem to have an opinion about what you should do about your son’s addiction problem. The fact of the matter is, however, if you have a loved one dealing with opioid dependence, Vicodin withdrawal, or are in need of substance abuse treatment, then neither Eric Bolling or the neighbor next door are likely to produce any results. Finding a resource to tackle an addiction is not easy, but it is an important step for many families as they face the challenges caused by drug and alcohol addiction in this country.

Finding a Way to Healthy Life Requires Careful Attention to Many Details

Although there are many kinds of diets that and meal plans that adults follow, most of these are used with only mild degrees of success. The perfect approach, however, is to serve fresh fruits and vegetables to the entire family. Finding a way to eliminate preservatives and processed foods is an obvious first step in reaching these goals. FRESH FOODS, of course, provide a number of documented benefits:

  • Finding a way to fill your diet with fresh produce is one of the best steps toward transforming your diet.
  • Resources for organic meats are increasing in many parts of the country as ranchers try to create a farm to table relationship not only with individual consumers, but also with chefs at restaurants.
  • Everybody enjoys fresh off the vine tomatoes and cucumbers in the summer while they are in season. The challenge, of course, is finding a resource for these vegetables when they are not in season. Some of the healthiest eaters actually rotate their cooking ingredients to match the current growing season.
  • Spring and summer access to some foods often leads some consumers to eat healthier during this time of the year. A growing number of consumers, however, are also realizing the value of purchasing extra produce when it is available and canning or freezing these items to be used later in the fall and winter.
  • Home canning allows a cook to completely control the items that are included in these stores foods instead of dealing with all of the preservatives that are in most of today‚Äôs canned goods at the grocery store.

  • Finding local resources for the food that you feed your family can help you feel better about all of the meals that you prepare. Connections with local formers and growers, however, can help you develop a reliable resource for the meals that you serve your family.
  • Ocra, radishes, turnips, and sweet potatoes are just some examples of heritage root vegetables that continue to grow in popularity not only for home cooks, but professionally trained chefs as well.
  • Onions, garlic, and many other ingredients can help add flavor to a meal without adding salt and fats.
  • Dieting does not have to mean eating less and exercising more. It can also mean paying attention to the kinds of foods that you serve your family in your efforts to serve more farm to table and organic ingredients.
  • Statsitics continue to show that we are a nation in the midst of a health crisis with more and more people being diagnosed with diabetes and other chronic illnesses, many of them aggravated by a poor diet.

From the basics of eating the right food to stay healthy to listening to the editorial comments of Eric Bolling, there are many times when living a healthy lifestyle can seem like it should be easy. Unfortunately, if you have someone you love who is battling a drug addiction you need realistic advice from a counselor, not the complaints and concerns of Eric Bolling and the warnings of other television personalities.

The latest research indicates that as many as 2 million Americans each year are affected by prescription opioid misuse. And while drug abuse has been a problem for years, the reality is that there are indications that the drug companies themselves may be responsible for the problems so many individuals and communities are facing. In fact, changes to government recommendations and aggressive marketing by pharmaceutical companies have led to a dramatic increase in the last 25 years in prescriptions of oxycodone for long-term use in some patients with chronic pain conditions.

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