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Studies show that an estimated 53% of all urgent care centers in the United States have been in operation for more than five years. While this statistic may seem insignificant, it actually represents a fascinating transition in the American healthcare industry: an estimated 47% of all urgent care clinics have been in operation for five years or less, meaning that urgent care facilities are growing more popular as non-critical medical conditions that require immediate attention begin to be treated at these walk in clinics, instead of overcrowded emergency rooms and busy doctors’ offices. But how have urgent care centers managed to turn this tide? The answer likely lies in the many advantages they offer their patients.

Due to the size of the communities they treat, many emergency rooms have found themselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of patients they must treat. This is especially problematic because a significant portion of these emergency room visits are believed to be unnecessary: research estimates that 27% of all emergency room visits in the United States could take place at an urgent care facility instead. Moreover, another study estimated that 35% of these emergency room visits could have been resolved faster and more affordably at an urgent care center. Fortunately, to the benefit of both their families and their communities, many people are beginning to visit their nearest urgent care clinic to treat their non-critical ailments, rather than waiting at the emergency room or for a doctor’s appointment.

Visiting an urgent care center is advantageous for a number of reasons: firstly, urgent care clinics, which are usually open 7 days a week, often encourage patients to walk in rather than schedule an appointment, making care extremely accessible. Secondly, upon arrival, an estimated 80% of all urgent care patients wait 15 minutes or less for treatment, making urgent care a typically more timely method of treatment than visiting an emergency room or traditional physician. Moreover, it is estimated that 80% of all urgent care visits in the U.S. will last an hour or less. Thirdly, urgent care centers have started offering a wide array of medical services, including blood work, physical exams, and X rays, making it easier than ever to get the care you need, and often at a lesser price than visiting an emergency room.

The spread of urgent care centers offers a variety of benefits for patients with non-critical injuries and illnesses which require immediate attention. By making medical care quicker to access, more affordable, and almost constantly available, it is now simpler than ever to deal with life’s common medical situations. For this reason, if you or a loved one is experiencing a non-life-threatening ailment, don’t waste time: visit an urgent care center near you for immediate medical attention. Ger more information on this topic here.

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