How Gymnastics Inspires Lifelong Values

Gymnastics classes for beginners

Parents are more concerned than ever regarding the health of their children. Empty calories such as added sugars and fats constitute up to 40% of the daily calories that children age two to 18 receive daily. Furthermore, three out of four children between the ages of five and 10 get less than an hour of physical activity each day. Although parents are concerned, 38% say that extracurricular activities are too expensive or take up too much time to be plausible. As an affordable, engaging solution to the problem of childhood obesity, gymnastic lessons for beginners can start your child down a path they can follow into adulthood.

Healthy Habits for Life

The International Gymnastics School recognizes that gymnasts gain stronger through regular training, aiding in the development of lean, toned muscles, improved balance, and better overall posture gymnastics teams strive for. Children are encouraged to start training at an early age to build up muscle memory; there are toddler gymnastics classes available in some ares. The jump training exercises, also called Plyometric exercises, like tumbling and vaulting are safe, beneficial, and generally good for children according to a study performed by the American College of Sports Medicine.

Higher Self-Esteem

Studies have shown that active children between the ages of 10 to 16 have higher self-esteem than their less active peers. Studies have shown the correlation between competitive, team-based activities and a general increase in self-worth. This helps children to build confidence and equip themselves with social skills that will prove useful for life.

Friendships that Last

Many of those who take gymnastic lessons for beginners tend to stay in for a number of years, forming unbreakable bonds with one another. Through their shared interest, children who participate in gymnastics go through several training and trust exercising to build their teamwork skills. I should know, I met some of my own best friends through gymnastics.

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