How Spa Decor Creates a Relaxing Ambience

Spas are associated with well-being and tranquility as well as beauty and health treatments given in calming, stress-free surroundings. Decor and design are used to create an ambience in which people can relax and lose their cares and worries for the movement, while receiving treatments like waxing, massage and facials. Decor and spa furniture also contribute to this ambience and to the comfort of clients.

Why people go to spas
Spas offer beauty and health treatments, but they also attract their clientele based on the kind of relaxed and calming atmosphere they offer. People increasingly connect health and well being, and a spa treatment provides both. Calming or cheerful and energizing colors, soothing music, green plants and the lull of running water all create a small getaway from the stresses of daily life. Spa furniture and equipment are chosen to add to the ambience while contributing to the comfort of the clients.
A study conducted in 2016 found that about 13.71 million people had visited a day spa within the past year. Services like massage, facials and waxing are among the most popular. Massage is seen as a health treatment by as many as 88% of clients. Out of those who received massage in the past year, 41% did so for medical reasons and 26% for reducing stress and anxiety, according a report from the American Massage Therapy Association.

How spa furniture and decor promotes well being
People choose to visit a spa for many reasons – to receive beauty treatments, to reduce stress, for therapeutic massage, for a luxurious, pampering experience, among others. The element of escape can be as important for a spa as the beauty and wellness services. Design and decor features like lighting, spa furniture, music, and colors are chosen to create a relaxing ambience. Spa furniture typically uses natural materials like wood, bamboo, linen and cotton for a natural look.
Likewise, natural daylight is the best choice for recreating the feeling of a retreat. If natural lighting is not possible, artificial lights that simulate the look and natural rhythms of daylight will produce the same effect. Indoor plants supplement the natural feeling of well-being, as do flowing water or decorative waterfalls and fountains. Music is usually calm and meditative, while colors can be soothing or energizing, depending on the location within the spa.

Retail sales at a spa
Retail sales with professional skin care products allow clients to take the spa experience home with them. Products to sell at a spa can include skin care products, massage supplies, manicure and pedicure supplies, and hair products like shampoos and hair conditioner. These allow clients to maintain the benefits of the spa treatments between visits, and to take the feelings of wellness and well-being home with them.
A boutique ambience is best for displaying retail spa products, to match the relaxing and stress-free atmosphere. Creative displays without high-pressure salesmanship work best, appealing to the senses without creating stress. Placing products where they can be easily reached by clients makes it easier to examine them and make a selection.

Spa decor and furniture are as important as the services offered in creating a unique and soothing experience. Spa retail sales allow clients to take the feeling and the treatments home with them.

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