How to Address an Opiate Addiction

Many studies and surveys are conducted each year to track the current state of American public health, from heart disease and exercise to diet and bone disease. This also includes drug abuse, and unfortunately, drug abuse is as prevalent as ever. More Americans than ever are abusing prescription painkillers and opioids, and some of these addicts may be as young as 12 or 13 years old. Fortunately, it is never too late for an addict to get help, and they can visit methadone centers and heroin treatment centers to get clean of drugs once and for all. Finding such clinics may be as easy as looking up “chicago methadone clinics near me” or “highly rated chicago methadone clinics nearby” to get started. How can methadone help an addict recover, and what might happen at a detox clinic?

Americans and Addiction

Surveys and studies make it clear how often Americans are abusing drugs within the past decade, and in 2015, the numbers showed that 20.5 million peopled aged 12 and up had a substance use disorder, and two million of them were misusing prescription pain relievers. Another 591,000 were abusing heroin. In that same year, around 21,000 adolescents had used heroin within the past 12 months, and 5,000 were current users. It is also believed that 23% of people who use heroin end up with an opioid addiction, and a majority of drug addiction cases begin as misuse of legal, prescribed painkillers. Lastly, take note that in 2016, some 170,000 people started using heroin, which is nearly twice 2006’s figure (90,000). More Americans than ever are trying drugs, and this can lead to serious consequences.

An addict faces many problems and hazards, from alienation of friends and family all the way to job loss and an altered personality and financial strain. What is more, drug overdose ranks first among all causes of accidental death in the United States. Doing drugs can kill, and addicts are urged to find a way to get clean right away. Doctors at a methadone clinic or a detox clinic can help, and a quick search like “chicago methadone clinics” can point a patient in the right direction.

Getting Clean For Good

An addict might look up “chicago methadone clinics” or “nearby detox center in chicago” on their own accord, and other times, addicts seek recovery after they have experienced an intervention. Methadone is a legal drug that has been prescribed for decades, and at a methadone clinic, a doctor may prescribe it to an addict. As long as the methadone is used correctly, it can help block the addict’s cravings for hard drugs, and this can set them on the path to recovery. This is an effective route to take; methadone treatment success rates sit between 60% and 90%, and the longer the patient is in treatment, the better the odds of recovery.

Another option is to visit a detox center, and once a patient checks inn, they will stay for a few days as the drugs flush out of their system. The patient will be monitored the entire time by medical personnel, in case any of the withdrawal symptoms become serious and require intervention. Why a clinic? Attempting to detox at home is risky, since no one will be around to help in case a dangerous complication comes up, and the addict may be sorely tempted to relapse during this process.

Once the patient is clear of drugs, only then can they move on to later steps of recovery, such as consulting a therapist or counselor and talking out their problems. This can help prepare the patient for their drug-free life, and help them become mentally strong enough to resist drugs. On a related note, the recovering addict can join an anonymous support group, where they and other recovering addicts can openly discuss their lives and reassure each other that they are not alone. Taking part in these groups can prove highly effective. Finally, take note that some recovering addicts may have a poor financial life, or might even be unemployed or homeless. So, they can turn to professional aid for housing options and even for vocational rehabilitation. Having steady work and wholesome hobbies may also reduce the temptation to get back into drugs, too.

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