How to Prevent the Most Common Spring Sport Injury!

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Many parents and older siblings are familiar with the woes of young kids having injuries due to sports. Especially during spring sports seasons, or summer football practice. They fall down, scrape themselves, get beaten up and bruised, and you have to patch them up to the best of your ability and hope that they are more careful the next time around. Since this is the season, let’s talk about the most common spring injury for athletic youths: sprained ankles.

That’s right, the most common injuries during this time of year are sprained or strained ankles! And to prevent you from having to take a visit to an urgent care center or walk-in clinic to see the local pediatric doctor, we’ll take a look at how to avoid this common injury.

So, the first thing you need to do to keep your kids out of the pediatric care center is making sure that they have a proper warm up with plenty of stretches. They need to work those muscle groups, get them loosened up so that they don’t injure themselves going all out from the gate. That’s how you end up hurt. Also, make sure they know that it’s okay to stop when they’re feeling fatigued. They aren’t doing themselves or their teammates or friends any favors by keeping going when they’re already drained, they’re just pushing themselves too hard. Your muscles let you know when to stop, they give you warnings. Ignoring those will get you hurt.

Now, if you, or your kids, do end up with a sprained ankle, it’s a smart idea to see a doctor or a therapist about care and keeping that part of your body strong. Stretching and exercise to keep it in shape and prevent another injury is always a good idea. A physician can tell you exactly what you can and cannot do at that point. You don’t need to make things worse.

Further injury can prevent your kid from being able to practice or play that game they wanted to be in. And that’s worse than not listening to your doctor and taking it easy, isn’t it?

So, make sure there’s plenty of stretching and warming up before you or your child charges out of the gate!
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