How to Save Your Human Resources Department 80% of Their Time

Human resources is known to be an important part of many companies nowadays. Most of the time, they are the department that is going to handle disputes between employees, as well as managers. Sometimes, if someone feels that they are being discriminated against at work, they will go to the Human Resources office in the hopes that someone there is going to advocate for them.

One big part of what human resources does in many workplaces is protecting diversity in the workplace. It is a big part of their job in many cases to make sure that no one is being discriminated against during the hiring process or while they are at work. If you have questions about this, you might want to ask for a human resources professional. For example, you might wonder, what are some workplace diversity courses that can be useful to everyone? What are the benefits of diversity training? How can I ensure that my department is getting the best diversity training that is available? What are some key aspects of corporate diversity training? Are there diversity courses online that employees can take? Most of the time, HR employees will be able to answer these questions for you.

An easy-to-use employee benefits administration software can be as important as the employee benefits you provide.

Most employers know a strong benefits package can be a major selling point for new talent. It can also be a retention incentive for current employees: 50% of surveyed employees indicated the benefits offering was a key reason they’ve chosen to remain with their current employer. Where many business owners, particularly those of smaller businesses, are left scratching their head is how to manage that employee benefits offering.

Once your business reaches 50 full-time employees, you are required by law to offer appropriate health benefits to all employees, even those who work on a part-time basis. When surveyed by Software Advice, 85% of companies with 1,000 or more employees reported using online self-service software for employee benefits management. On the other hand, only 31% of smaller companies with less than 100 employees reported using such software. It’s when you only have 100 employees to begin with that you can least afford to have your human resources benefits administration sucking up valuable manpower and productive hours.

HR World estimated that 80% of HR department time is spent handling paperwork and other administrative tasks. Why does this happen? Perhaps because on average companies use as many as four separate human resource software applications. Only 13% of companies surveyed reported having a single employee benefits administration software where their HR manager can go for all of their human resources benefits administration needs.

A simple, easy-to-use employee benefits administration system is as important as the benefits packages offered. Not only does having having your employee onboarding software in one place, employee benefits enrollment software in another and payroll in yet another create headaches for your human resources manager; it also adds to the time it takes for your new employees to begin contributing to your business as they have to navigate through each of your separate enrollment and benefits administration tools. For this reason many HR professionals are switching to a single online human resources software for good reason.

A quick internet search will pull up the wide variety of employee benefits administration software solutions available. Many consolidate employee benefits with payroll, time management, compliance and even recruiting into a single platform. Imagine how much simpler your business administration would be if you only had to log-in to one platform to see everything from your employee’s paid sick time and the hours they worked to if they’d completed their mandatory compliance training yet. Some human resources software solutions even comes with mobile HR software to make managing employee benefits possible while on the go.

Almost two-fifths of companies indicate they plan to purchase new employee benefits administration software in the next 18 months. Maybe it’s time your business consolidates down to a single, web-based software for employee benefits administration software, too.

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