How to Spot the Signs It’s Time to Take Your Child to Urgent Care

There are many times when urgent care for a child is necessary. Urgent care can be needed for many reasons: a car crash, a slip, and fall at home, stomach problems, etc.

Now, when it comes to urgent care, an important question to ask is as follows: “Where can I find 24 hour care now near me?” A 24 care now can be found through doing quick research, so that a child can get the help they need.

From there, the individual can learn about urgent care that is available at the facility. Primary care physicians have a strong focus on assessing emergency needs, pertaining to not just minor injuries, but also major health problems for children as well.

Moreover, even minor injuries are looked at in-depth by primary care physicians. For example; if someone has a fracture, the fracture itself is analyzed, to assess whether the severity requires an operation, merely a cast, etc.

These are some factors looked at, when people ask themselves the following questions in relation to their children. “Where can I find a doctors office near me?”, as well as, “Where can I find “Access healthcare near me?”

Walk in clinic

Being a parent is a full-time job. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. If they try to argue that it’s not, there’s no chance they have kids, which means they have no frame of reference for the conversation. So, it’s best to ignore them.

Once you bring a life into this world, your priorities change. You do everything you can to protect him or her, a task that becomes especially daunting once he or she shuffles off to school. Kids cough and sneeze on other kids inside the classroom and trip and fall over each other out on the playground.

When you think your child has developed some kind of illness or injury at school, your first thought might be to go see the pediatrician, and that’s a good idea. But doctors’ offices get filled up quick. Urgent care centers, on the other hand, don’t. Of course, you can’t use urgent care as a catchall miracle cure, but you can use it as a great resource when you’re in a time crunch. Here’s a handy checklist of when to take your kids to urgent care.

The child gets hurt on the playground.

Sprains, strains and twisted ankles are super common at urgent care facilities. Often, doctors there will simply wrap up the affected area and give instructions for icing it to prevent any swelling. When things get a bit more complicated though — potential breaks, deep gashes that need stitches, other bad falls and trips — that’s when it’s probably time to make an appointment with a pediatrician, if not make a quick drive down to a local emergency room.

You think your child might have a contagious infection or cold.

Constant coughing. Sloppy sneezing. General hoarseness of the throat. These are all troubling signs for anyone to get, let alone a young child trying to make it through the school day. If you pick up on any of these symptoms, it’s probably a good idea to scoot down to an urgent care center in order to get seen and treated immediately (as a lot of centers have point-of-care prescription dispensing for antibiotics). Otherwise, you’ll be sending a walking, talking germ machine back into class to infect the other kids around him or her.

Hives, rashes or general skin irritation appears.

As good and thorough as emergency room care, it’s specifically reserved for emergencies (duh!). That means a life-threatening condition or the distinct possibility of one. Skin conditions, unless they’re burns or severe allergic reactions, wouldn’t likely be considered life-or-death situations. Urgent care can handle cases of hives and rashes with ease, with doctors recommending creams or lotions or certain medications to combat the itching.

For more about the services offered by urgent care centers in your area, make an appointment with one — just kidding! Actually, you can just walk right in and be seen almost right away. Urgent care facilities generally have open-door policies. Helpful links:

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