Is an Audiologist the Same as a Hearing Instrument Specialist?

When it comes to defining medical fields, it can be hard to tell the differences between two professions, especially if they work in the same office and basically do the same thing. Two of the most commonly mixed-up medical specialists are audiologists and hearing instrument specialists. Knowing the difference between these two experts is crucial to know who you should go visit when you have an issue with your hearing. Both of these jobs revolve around different responsibilities, so knowing the differences is important. In this video, we will learn about what distinguishes an audiology specialist from a hearing instrument specialist.

First of all, both an audiologist and a hearing instrument specialist can fit a patient with hearing aids. After a long, drawn-out debate between the leaders in the industry, it was agreed upon that both of these specialists can fit hearing aids.

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One of the main differences between the two is education. An audiologist needs a doctorate to practice, while a hearing instrument specialist needs an associate’s degree at most to practice in some states. Additionally, these two professions can be separated by certifications they choose to independently pursue.


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