Learn How to Do a COVID Test at Home

This video talks about the free covid test and how every person can do his or her part in protecting the most sensitive people in the community by taking regular self-initiated covid tests. The rapid antigen test is currently the most popular option, and it seems to be effective in alerting asymptomatic people and people who have only mild symptoms. The speaker explains to people who have not yet taken the test how to use it.

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The most vital tip to remember is to read all the instructions before taking any new test or product. It may even be necessary for a new user to read the instructions more than once to feel confident about taking it.

The next step is for the user to prepare himself or herself for the test. The advisor says the person should not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes before the test. That will minimize the chance of a false result or reading from occurring.

The covid test requires that the individual swab the nose as well as the throat. Those who have had nosebleeds within the past 24 hours should go ahead and swab the other nostril to be on the safe side for testing.

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