Low Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy Covered By Insurance

Low t

Low testosterone, or “low t,” affects a surprising amount of American men. It is thought that as many as 13 million adult men suffer from low t in the United States. Low t is simply the condition in which the body’s natural testosterone level is unusually low. Although testosterone levels typically peak around 30 years of age (and subsequently decreases by 1-2% every year), low testosterone is considerably different. If left untreated, the condition can lead to hazardous medical issues such as increased body fat, decreased energy and fatigue, decreased muscle mass, lowered libido, anxiety, and depression. There are even indications that it can reduce life expectancy.

However, there is hope for those who endure the symptoms. Low testosterone is perfectly treatable. One popular treatment is hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy is a procedure in which synthetic testosterone is delivered to the body. It can be delivered via injections, gels, pills, and even pellets that are embedded under the skin. There are many doctors, clinics, and hospitals that specialize in the therapy. Moreover, several insurance carriers cover the treatment, and nearly all doctors and specialists who conduct the treatment offer flexible payment options. Patients that suffer from low testosterone are not without options at their disposal.

Hormone replacement therapy can significantly improve the quality of life of low testosterone patients. It can give them a second chance in leading a normal, healthy, and vigorous life. Patients with low t know just how debilitating the illness can be if left untreated. Low testosterone can often leave men exhausted and unwilling to do anything. With hormone replacement therapy, low t patients can undergo a safe, noninvasive procedure and lead the lives they are supposed to.

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