Natural Lice Removal is Also Highly Effective

Non-toxic lice removal

Head lice can be an inconvenience and a social embarrassment. Unfortunately, they’re also a reality in schools and playgrounds, or any locations where large numbers of children are in close proximity. It can be difficult and even impossible for parents to handle the problem alone, since reinfection is always a possibility. A professional lice removal service can remove the pests without using harsh chemicals or funny smelling oils, in just one treatment.

A widespread problem
It’s difficult it estimate the scale of the problem, since people are reluctant to talk about lice infestations. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that for children of ages six to thirteen, around six to twelve million infestations occur each year.
The most commonly affected groups in the population are children in the age group 3 to ten years, and their families. This means that preschool and elementary school-age children are most at risk of infestation.
As many as 80% of children with head lice will pass on the infestation to their family, particularly to their siblings. This is why a professional lice removal service will recommend that the whole family should be treated at the same time, to ensure effective lice removal.

How infestations occur
Infestations spread through the sharing of combs, towels and hairbrushes. Lice prefer to lay their eggs on flannel and cloth rather than hair, so sharing hats and scarves is another way of spreading the infestation.
When getting rid of lice, it’s important to remember that it’s not just the head that needs to be treated. Combs and brushes should be disinfected by soaking in hot water at a temperature of at least 130 F for a minimum of five to ten minutes.

How to get rid of lice
Over the counter treatments normally use chemicals or oils that can leave a strong smell. There are strains of lice that are resistant to most over-the-counter treatments, and these have been identified in at least 25 states. A professional lice removal service that uses natural lice remedies is a convenient and highly effective choice.
People who have head lice may even be unaware of the fact. As many as 60% of students with head lice don’t even know it, according to a study.

Natural lice treatment from a professional lice removal service is a safe and convenient way to get rid of head lice, in just one treatment. To be effective, the whole family must undergo the head lice treatment at the same time.

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