Need An Ankle Doctor? Heres Everything You Need To Know About Ankle Injuries and Pain

Ankle pain is a problem that impacts many lives. It can make it difficult to walk, work, and carry out regular daily tasks. Unfortunately, the cause of ankle pain can be difficult to diagnose because, as this video shows, there are different areas the pain could stem from that are close in proximity.

The ankle is comprised of four different locations. These include the anterior, the medial, the posterior, and the lateral areas.

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The anterior area is located at the front, the medial on the inside, the lateral on the outside, and the posterior is the back of the ankle.

As these four areas are in a small localized area, the pain from an injury in one area might feel as though it’s coming from another. It’s important to visit an ankle doctor in order to receive a proper diagnosis and determine where the pain is coming from.

Treatment will depend on the specific cause of the pain and might include anything from rest and therapy to surgery. You can learn more about pain from each location as well as the potential treatment options through this video.

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