Not Seeing Clearly? Here are Four Signs You Should See an Eye Doctor for an Eye Exam

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When your vision through your eye glasses or contact lenses is no longer clear, or when you notice any problems with your eyes, it’s probably time to find an eye doctor for an eye exam. What should you expect from an eye exam? Your optometrist or ophthalmologist will check your eyes for any changes in vision and other eye abnormalities. An eye doctor may also diagnose or even treat any illnesses or conditions that may be present in your eyes.

When is it time to get an eye exam? Here is a breakdown of times when it is best to visit an eye doctor for the best eye exam available:

1. When one year has passed since your last visit: All eye exams should be annual. These checkups, just like the ones for your other doctors and specialists, should take place each year to make sure that your prescription stays accurate and that your eyes are in good health. The most optimal and best eye exam results will conclude that your eyes are still in good health.

2. When you notice a change in vision: If you are no longer seeing clearly through your glasses, it’s time to visit your eye doctor for a new prescription. It is natural for a prescription to change over time. Your eye doctor can write you a new one, so you can purchase new glasses or contact lenses.

3. When you have had an illness or injury that affects your eyes: Whether that injury or illness has affected your vision or not, it’s important to see an eye doctor to make sure everything is okay. Additionally, some illnesses can lead to a degenerative condition where you will lose vision over time, so it’s crucial to visit an eye doctor when you notice any change at all.

4. When you want new glasses: Sometimes, we get tired of the way our eye glasses look and want something trendier or otherwise different. Many times, an eye doctor will offer a package deal with an eye exam and new glasses or contacts. For the best eye exam and glasses deals, try finding one in your area that will allow you to purchase the glasses you want.

Have more questions about eye exams? Be sure to ask your local optometrist or ophthalmologist about what to expect. If you have any doubts about your eye health, it’s probably time to see your eye doctor, so you can see clearly in the future. References: Eyeglasses galleria houston

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