Over 18 Million Americans Suffer From A Sleeping Disorder Are You One Of Them?


When you’re unable to get a good night’s rest it can feel as if your entire day is compromised. You can’t focus on your work, your appetite is squandered and even socializing has lost its edge. Rather than live with a potential sleeping disorder consider looking into a CPAP machine. Designed to help with sleep apnea and insomnia, a CPAP machine can, quite literally, help breathe new life into you. Over 18 million Americans suffer from a sleeping disorder these days. The list of symptoms below will help you figure out whether or not you’re someone who could benefit from the best CPAP machine.

Did You Know?

Sleep is your body’s natural way of repairing itself after a long day. Without a regular night’s sleep you open yourself up to a wide variety of health risks. Untreated sleep apnea sufferers, for starters, are three times as likely to develop heart disease down the line. They also face a risk of stroke up to four times as high as those who don’t suffer from the disorder. Even short-term consequences, like a weakened immune system and concentration issues, can bleed into your work life, social life and romantic life.

You Keep Waking Up At Night

Some people have no trouble falling asleep. It’s staying asleep that’s the problem. If you find yourself constantly waking up in the middle of the night with no end in sight, you may just have sleep apnea. This condition is rather prevalent, with some estimates seeing 2% to 4% of all Americans having an undiagnosed case of sleep apnea. This condition is best known for the ‘apnea’, or interruption, that prevent a good sleep cycle. According to studies provided by the National Commission On Sleep Disorders Research, over 38,000 deaths are caused by cardiovascular problems related to sleep apnea.

You Have A Hard Time Falling Asleep

Perhaps you can’t fall asleep when you rest your head. Insomnia is a condition characterized by constant wakefulness, that of which can become maddening when repeated night after night. Although there are multiple contributors to insomnia, the most common is unchecked stress. Anxiety can cause a person to think overmuch when they should be resting, impacting their ability to sink into their REM cycle and receive the natural support their body is craving. Which sleeping disorder you have is best determined by a sleep professional’s diagnosis.

The Benefits Of CPAP Machines

There are many ways to treat a sleeping disorder. One of the most effective treatments for sleep apnea, specifically, is using a CPAP machine. Short for ‘continuous positive airway pressure’, these can open up your nasal passages and discourage the heavy snoring or interruptions that keep you from a restful night’s sleep. A recent study saw asthma patients facing a 40% higher risk for sleep apnea than those without, to boot, and the best CPAP mask can do wonders for making you feel like yourself again.

Getting A Professional Sleep Diagnosis

If you suspect you have a sleeping disorder it’s time to see a professional and get a diagnosis. You can then determine whether or not you want to use any variety of CPAP machine available to help you start sleeping peacefully once more. Preferences for nasal pillows and CPAP masks have been split down the middle, with half preferring the former and half preferring the latter. It’s important to use your CPAP device frequently to get the most consistent results. Studies have shown patients prescribed with a CPAP machine stop using them within one to three weeks.

A sleeping disorder can feel like a life sentence. Let a sleep professional return your health back to you one night at a time.

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