Proper Care for a Sore Spine or Joints

The human body is a marvel of natural evolution, and this even reflects in the anatomy of our skeleton. Millions of years ago, our primate ancestors gave up their tree-bound vegetarian lifestyle in exchange for running across the plains of Africa to hunt game, and thus, they became bipedal runners. An upright posture greatly benefited our early ancestors, and the modern human skeleton features an S-shaped spine, an upright pelvis, long and hard leg bones, and arched feet for a lifetime of walking upright. All the same, living like this does take a toll on the body, especially the spine and back muscles, hence chronic pain is quite common today. Many Americans suffer from chronic lower back pain in particular, but pain management clinics and massage therapists can help, not to mention chiropractic specialists. Such chiropractic care is non invasive; that is, no medicine or surgery at all is necessary to help a patient. This is appealing to many people today.

Chronic Pain and Injuries

Why might a typical American need chiropractic care or spinal decompression, and how often do Americans get this sort of care for their spine and limbs? Many statistics are kept to track American public health, and this includes rates of spinal pain and joint issues. Lower back in, in particular, is quite common, and one in three women and one in four men will experience it. At any given time, around 31 million Americans are living with back pain, and nearly half of all working Americans say that they get back pain symptoms every year. Experts also say that around 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives.

Often, spinal issues develop after years of hard manual labor, such as construction work or factory work, as a laborer wears out their back and spine for years on end. In other cases, an auto accident or sports injury will distress someone’s spine or back, and cause pain. pregnancy can also put stress on a woman’s spine, and some surveyed Americans blame ongoing stress for their back issues. Finally, simple old age can cause back issues, since many decades of fighting gravity causes the spine to collapse on itself and bend forwards. This can reduce mobility, inflame the joints, stress muscles, and pinch nerves. But the good news is that aside from serious cases that require surgery, someone suffering from back pain can get non invasive medicine to address the problem. There are some popular options to consider.

Back Problem Solutions

Back pain ranks second among all reasons Americans visit their primary care physicians, right behind upper respiratory issues, and a doctor can refer that patient to a chiropractic office, a yoga expert, or a pain clinic for further aid. Chiropractic care is done at the hands of a chiropractor, a doctor who can use their bare hand and basic adjustment tools to readjust a patient’s bones and muscles to relieve pressure on bones, nerves, joints, and muscles, no surgery or incisions needed. This can clear up pain and restore the patient’s flexibility, and many surveyed Americans report that their chiropractic care experience was very effective. This is quite common, too; data from the American Chiropractic Association shows that every year, chiropractic medicine is administered to 35 million Americans (children and adults alike) every single year.

Meanwhile, interested patients can also be referred to a massage expert, and this is not too different from visiting a chiropractor. A massage expert can use their bare hands to relax a client’s bones and muscles to relieve tension and thus clear up pain, Massage parlors prove popular across the nation, and they add atmosphere with warm towels, ambient music, candles, and the like to help relax the customers there. Many Americans have tensed muscles in their back or neck due to stress or physical work, after all. A similar option is going to a yoga studio and signing up for private sessions. A yoga exert can help guide the patient through a series of bends, poses, and stretched that will help them loosen up their joints, relax the muscles, and relieve pain anywhere in the body. Attending multiple sessions can bring excellent results to many patients.

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