Recognizing the Signs of Sleep Apnea

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Many people suffer from a lack of oxygen during sleep. This condition, also known as sleep apnea, can be an extremely dangerous condition, especially when it is not treated properly. With the proper monitoring and CPAP supplies, a person suffering with sleep apnea can sleep safer and more comfortably. However, many people do not even realize they have sleep apnea. A large percentage of the world?s sleep apnea sufferers are undiagnosed. You may want to talk to your medical provider about sleep apnea if you experience any of the following concerns.

Nagging feeling of tiredness
Does it feel like you are exhausted, even though you slept a sufficient amount of hours the previous day? Do you find yourself falling asleep and requiring numerous naps throughout the day? It is possible that you are not getting quality sleep. Sleep apneas actually wake the person up many times throughout the night. The person is prevented from entering REM, an important restorative sleep cycle. You may wake up numerous times throughout the night, and not even realize that you are doing so. Many medical professionals will suggest a sleep study to measure length of sleep periods.

Conscious awakenings
Are you aware that you are waking up multiple times throughout the night? Are you gasping for breath when you do? Numerous awakenings and a feeling of shortness of breath can be a sign of sleep apnea. If you are aware that you are waking many times throughout the night, attempt to pay attention to your breathing when you do wake. Do you find it difficult to get enough air? It is possible that your air is being restricted and that is why your body is waking you.

Slowed breathing
Your sleep patterns during sleep are also important to monitor. If you share your sleeping arrangement with someone else, task them to monitoring you while you sleep. Have them pay attention to your breathing patterns and take note of any times it appears you are struggling for air. However, if other symptoms point towards sleep apnea, your physician may provide you with medical equipment from your local medical supply store. The medical equipment store will provide you with home medical equipment that used for diagnostic purposes.

The CPAP machine will measure the amount of times you awake during the night. It will also measure how much oxygen you are getting during sleep. Your physician will go over these test results with you and if sleep apnea is suspected, you may find relief in consistent usage of the CPAP machine from the medical supply store. At this point, you may also purchase additional CPAP accessories from the medical supply store in order to make the machine more fitting and comfortable for your needs.

Loud snoring
Loud snoring can also be a symptom of sleep apnea. Although you may not be aware if, or how loudly, you are snoring, you can inquire with those you share a home with. It may also be helpful to set up a type of recording device. Some people may also notice their snoring by abrupt awakenings from the noise. Snoring is often attributed to a lack of oxygen, which is also present in sleep apnea. If your snoring is loud or troublesome, discuss these characteristics with your medical provider as well.

Hundreds of thousands of people all across the world suffer from sleep apnea. Yet, many of these people are not even aware of the fact that they are not receiving enough oxygen during sleep. It can be difficult to diagnose sleep apnea, especially because many of the symptoms occur while you are sleeping, and unaware of them. However, if you notice or are told of loud snoring, frequent awakenings, shortness of breath, or if you are constantly tired, consider discussing these symptoms and testing with your medical provider. Medical supplies from the local medical supply store can prove to be very beneficial.

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