The 101 About Medical Weight Loss

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If you’ve considered stomach liposuction or laser hair removal, you’ve likely felt a lot of doubt about the right doctors, the procedure and the recovery period. Even the price can be a deal breaker for those looking to reduce love handles and or touch up embarrassing areas without breaking their bank! However, all is not lost — liposuction is one of the easiest procedures with one of the fastest recovery times, with most patients returning to their day-to-day routine in a week or so. Doctors come from a variety of backgrounds and offer many different methods of treatment for those on a budget, too. Below I’ll clear up some common misconceptions about these medical procedures, how they work and whether or not it’ll be right for you!

Liposuction Made Simple

When watching your diet and jogging daily isn’t enough, liposuction is the final step toward the body you desire. While it’s not a stand-in for a healthy lifestyle, it can help people who just can’t quite get the body they want with conventional means. This popular medical procedure is used to reduce excess fat deposits in difficult areas, like the thighs, hips, abdomen and chest. Stomach liposuction, in particular, is well-known as it targets many areas at once. Liposuction can be performed under general or local anesthesia and it’s not uncommon to use it in conjunction with other methods like a facelift or breast reduction. If you’re not suited for surgery (for various reasons ranging from poor physical health to age), hCG hormones are an alternative to help people lose several pounds while resetting their hormones and also come with an hCG diet meal plan to help in the long-term. Weight loss doctors have many different methods to help people of all backgrounds.

What Procedure Is Right For Me?

Some people want to get rid of stubborn hair that doesn’t respond to plucking or over-the-counter solutions, while others want to shape their body more to their liking with stomach liposuction or hormonal changes. It’s important to take into consideration your overall health and your lifestyle — while clinical follow-up with doctor supervised weight loss has shown that around 70% of patients who use the hCG method don’t regain their weight, it’s important to consider your living parameters and if you would find it feasible enough to follow through. Nothing is worse then spending hundreds of dollars on treatment only to have it go down the drain due to a busy lifestyle! Now that the air is cleared around liposuction and surgical treatments, what do you think would best fit you and your future goals?

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