The Best Yoga Poses for Spinal Disorder Treatment

The lumbar region or lower back is an area tends to get sensitive to pain as we grow old. It does not matter whether you spend much of your time seated, or walking around. Whichever the case, you will always get affected, and such pain can seriously destroy your mood during the day.

Fortunately, yoga offers a fantastic relief to this kind of back pain and is even a great preventative care measure for the future. All you have to do is to get a professional chiropractor like Dr. Michael Sinel to solve that annoying ache. Some of the yoga poses he will employ for such spinal disorder treatment include:

The Sphinx
This is a fantastic pose for spinal disorders as it stimulates the sacral-lumbar arch. What we fail to realize is that when we sit for long hours during the day, our lower backs flatten causing pain. Fortunately, with the Sphinx pose, you can return your back to its natural curvature.
Start by putting your hands on your stomach, and bring the elbows under your shoulders. If you feel that there’s too much pressure being exerted on your lower spinal region you can adjust your elbows by bringing them slightly forward. Hold this pose for at least three minutes, and you will notice significant improvements in the shape of your spine.

Supine Twist
This is one of the simplest spinal disorder treatment methods and a great tension reliever too. Here, just lay flat on the ground, relax the body with your arms forming a T-shape, and then bring your knees close to your chest or bosom region. Now, without moving your neck or lifting your shoulders, lower both knees to the left slowly for about 1-4 minutes and repeat the exercise on the right side.

The Cat and Cow Pose
With this yoga pose, you are not only stretching your hips but also the whole spine. It’s one of the best spinal cord rehabilitation treatments that involve hand and knee movements. Here, as you inhale, lift your tailbone and chest so that they face the ceiling, and while exhaling, ensure that you arch your lower back, pressing through your shoulder blades as you drop your head. Repeat this process according to your breathing rhythm and you will hardly feel any pain on your back.

Your back supports almost every part of your body and a half of Americans who are working admit that they have back pain every year. Therefore, it’s crucial that you take the best care of it. Moving more, sitting less and stretching goes a long way in ensuring that your spine is in excellent condition. However, if you feel that the pain is getting too much, contact Dr. Michael Sinel for advanced spinal disorder treatment.

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