The Case For Urgent Care Centers in The United States

If you are looking to find doctors who can give you the best treatment possible, the nearest urgent care location to you is a great place to find doctors. And while many people would not consider an urgent care center as the best place to find doctors, the doctors that can be found in such a medical clinic are very often highly trained and just as skilled as any emergency room doctor or general care practitioner. And those who look to find doctors in an urgent care center will have better luck with it than ever before, as urgent care centers throughout the country now employ as many as twenty thousand doctors all together, a number that is only anticipated to keep rising in the years that are to come.

This is due to the fact that the prevalence of urgent care centers is growing, with more and more people looking to find doctors and medical treatment there. In fact, all urgent care locations see a total of as many as three million patients throughout the week. And there are more urgent care centers than ever as well, now more than seven thousand scattered all throughout the United States.

But why have urgent care centers and walk in clinics becomes so popular, and why do so many people look to find doctors and medical treatment of varying kinds there? For one, urgent care centers are incredibly convenient, especially when compared to emergency rooms or even general care practitioner’s offices. The vast majority of all urgent care centers – up to eighty five percent of them and climbing – are open every single day of the week, providing a viable alternative to the emergency room if you happen to sustain an injury or fall in on a weekend day, when most typical doctor’s offices are closed.

They are also open earlier in the morning and later in the evening than most typical doctor’s offices, making them more accessible for those who cannot easily take off work, as they would have to do in order to see your traditional general care practitioner. And the urgent care location is ideal for the busiest of all people for more than just this reason, but also due to the fact that urgent care centers tend to have much lower wait times than, say, the emergency room.

Unfortunately, your average emergency room will have a wait time of fifty eight minutes, very nearly an hour – and sometimes the wait time will extend even past that, depending on the severity of your condition as well as the business of the emergency room itself at the time you go in. On the other hand, more than ninety percent of all urgent care centers have average wait times that will not exceed a mere half of an hour. And more than half of them – up to sixty percent of all urgent care centers – have an average wait time that is no longer than an incredibly short fifteen minute span of time.

And those who look to find doctors at their local urgent care center are likely to be pleasantly surprised at the range of injuries and illnesses that urgent care centers are equipped and able to treat. In fact, up to eighty percent of all urgent care centers can diagnose and treat fractures, while as many as seventy percent of all such medical clinics can provide IV fluids as well, perfect for someone who has become dehydrated by wants to avoid an expensive hospital stay just to get the fluids that they need.

Of course, minor concerns and ailments can also be handled by the doctors in any given typical urgent care center. For instance, antibiotics can be prescribed for a number of different conditions. Ear infections are commonly seen, especially in young children, who are most likely to be prone to them. UTIs – urinary tract infections – are also commonly seen (more than eight million of them diagnosed over the course of just one year) and can easily be treated with a course of antibiotics,. though some might be trickier to treat, depending on the severity and progression.

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