The Secrets Behind EMF — They Will Shock You!

Cell phone radiation blocker

Each day, people use things like cell phones … with 6 billions users globally as of 2012 … laptops, and cordless phones without being aware of the potential bioelectric and radiation risks. Electromagnetic sensitivity is an unsung health problem, with links to problems both physical and emotional. After careful research, many have turned to bioelectric shield products to safeguard their health.

What Is Electromagnetic Sensitivity? What is EMF?

“EMF” stands for electromagnetic fields, which are invisible electric and magnetic forces giving off electromagnetic energy; they are associated with commonly … used electronic devices like cell phones and laptops. Some people, and in particular hypersensitive individuals, have been found to experience certain harmful bioeffects due to EMF dangers.

How Can EMF Hurt Me?

On paper, EMF safety doesn’t seem to be something you should be concerned with. In fact, EMF can cause problems like headaches, irritability and concentration problems for students. The children of cell phone … using pregnant mothers are estimated to have 25% more emotional difficulties, 35% more hyperactivity, 49% more behavioral issues, and 34% more peer problems. On a physical level, men who’d use Wi … Fi for only four hours experience decreased sperm viability according to a 2012 study; and there are plenty of other potential problems associated with EMF.

What Can I Do About It?

A bioelectric shield is an effective, phsyics … supported way to protect yourself. It’s an EMF blocker that can come in many different physical forms. A bioletric shield can come in the form of EMF protection jewelry, EMF shielding fabric, and other products.

I Have A Specific Need. Are There Products For Me?

There are plenty of ways for people with health problems to have EMF blockers made tailored to their specific physical and emotional needs. Certain companies create customized shields. Indeed, many EMF shields are made with sufferers of Asperger’s Syndrome or Autism Spectrum Disorder in mind. Many companies overlook such problems, but due to the effects that EMF can have on people, the makers of bioelectric shields are even more aware of the need for sensitivity and care.

I Have So Many Devices That Give Off EMF; Is There Hope For Me

There is virtually no restriction on the types of products for which EMF blockers can be made; if it gives off EMF, there is an answer. You can find products such as a laptop radiation shield, a cell phone radiation blocker, and a laptop radiation shield often made by the same company.

Recognizing that EMF is a serious danger is the first step in the right direction. Luckily, this is an issue you can do something about. The sooner you get effective protection against EMF, the safer you will be

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