Three Reasons Physical Therapy is Crucial to Your Recovery

Lower back rehabilitation

When you undergo any type of major operation, whether it be arthroscopic shoulder surgery, posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, or arthroscopic back surgery, you will need to give yourself ample recovery time.

Each one of these surgeries come with a minimal rest period, and also instructions on how to regain movement in your muscles. This is where physical therapy exercises come in.

You will likely be assigned a physical therapy clinic to help you rehabilitate your injury, and get you back on your feet before you know it.

Here are some of the benefits of physical therapy clinics.

  • Faster Healing. These clinics are staffed with highly trained professionals who have studied the human body extensively. Physical therapists know the body’s chemistry, how the muscles are structured, and how each movement affects your system. With this expertise, they give you knee, shoulder, and upper and lower back rehabilitation exercises that will help to speed up your recovery.
  • Motivation. Let’s face it — when you’re sitting at home, you probably won’t do all the physical therapy exercises your doctor recommends, because it’s just easier to sit around and be lazy. When you see a physical therapist on a regular basis, you will have someone motivating you to strengthen your system once again. It can be depressing to be on your own trying to regain motion, so the inspirational words and the, “Just one more time!” could be the spark you need.
  • Stronger Healing. Not only will a therapist be able to increase your mobility, but he or she will be able to reduce the chances of you ever injuring yourself in the same place again. Studies show that the likelihood of re-injury within the first year is high, especially for athletes. With the help of a physical therapist you may be able to gain even more strength in your muscle or bone.

So, if you do need to have surgery or an operation, talk to your doctor about physical therapy ahead of time, and set up an appointment with a quality clinic. It will be the key to feeling better as soon as possible. Continue.

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