Three Things Every Back Pain Sufferer Needs to Know

Back pain can often be a symptom of different medical conditions. If not swiftly addressed, the back pain can result in serious complications. Anyone from children, women, or men can get back pains. If you are physically unfit, you will be prone to suffer from back pains or when you conduct strenuous exercises after being inactive for some time. Eating food with many calories easily leads to obesity, which in turn stresses the back, leading to pain. Age is also associated with back pain, more so after hitting 45 years. Back pain can also be an aftermath of heredity genes.

There are three major types of back pain: chronic, acute, and subacute back pains. In acute, the pain lasts for a few days or a few weeks. Subacute pain lasts between four to twelve weeks, while chronic pain, which a chronic back pain differential diagnosis can determine, may occur rapidly or slowly and last for more than twelve weeks. You will require emergency back pain treatment if you experience rapid pain.

Well, back pains are more common in females compared to males. Pregnancy, medical disorders, Sacroiliac joint dysfunction, hormone fluctuations, arthritis, spinal injury, and poor posture are common causes of backache in females. Pregnancy is one of the major causes of severe lower back and hip pain. Chiropractic care can aid in minimizing back pain.

What causes low back pain

Many Americans suffer from the same medical problem, and it’s one that over 26 million Americans live with each year. It’s back pain. It can affect more than just a person’s physical well being, can be caused by a number of different things, and can be prevented by certain measures. Here’s what you need to know if you’re a back pain sufferer.

How can low back pain affect me?
Aside from the obvious problem of causing you pain, there are a number of ways that back pain can affect a sufferer. Back pain is one of the most common causes of missed work in the United States, so lost work and wages is a possibility. Furthermore, the side effects of lower back pain can manifest in the limbs and cause more pain or even numbness. All of these things are going to effect a back pain sufferer’s quality of life.

What causes low back pain?
There are a number of different causes of lower back pain, but there are three major ones. Medical conditions like arthritis and scoliosis can play a big role in causing back pain. Injury due to accidents or other types of trauma can cause nerve damage and lasting back pain. Lack of exercise and living a sedentary lifestyle can also cause frequent back pain. These causes can be amplified if two or more of them are combined. There are a number of treatment options for back pain, but prevention is still very important.

What can I do to prevent low back pain?
Fortunately, there are a few things that people can do to prevent lower back pain and avoid having to worry about treatment options. First, any medical conditions that could have the potential to cause back pain should be well-managed. Additionally, keeping a strong and healthy body is also important for preventing back pain. Strong muscles are less likely to get fatigued or injured.

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