Three Ways You Can Keep the Holiday Weight Gain at Bay

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It’s no wonder that people gain weight during the holidays, what with all of the lusciously seasoned and marinated roasts, plates and platters full of Christmas cookies, and all the thick, rich eggnog at every holiday party.

Luckily, family practice doctors say you don’t need a whole weight loss system in place to fend off this extra poundage. You just need to be a bit wary, and make a couple adjustments to your diet. Here are a few things weight loss physicians say can help.

Boost Your Metabolism With Water.

One of the best things weight loss physicians say you can do is to start drinking more water. A cold, 12-ounce glass of H2O will not only suppress your appetite, but also boost your metabolism, allowing you to burn off whatever it is you eat faster. Also, you’ll find that you’ll start to lose some water weight when you start getting enough water, because your body no longer needs to hold on water.

Psyche Your Stomach Out.

Weight loss physicians also recommend using psychological tricks to get your stomach in the right place. Believe it or not, a small blue plate has been show to help people feel more full after eating a smaller portion than they’d normally have. You see, when the same portion is on a smaller plate, it looks much bigger, which psyches the stomach out into thinking it’s getting more than it is. Also, blue has been proven to be an appetite suppressant. This means that if you eat a smaller portion off of a small, blue plate, you’ll feel just as feel on less.

Quit It With the Creamer, and Other Liquid Calories.

One of the worst habits people have, weight loss physicians say, is drinking their daily calories. Sugary drinks, sodas, and light coffees are all burdens on your diet. Weight loss physicians recommend cutting out the sodas and other sugary beverages, and advice coffee-drinkers should try taking it black, or with zero calorie sweetner, at least, but definitely no creamer.

Keeping the holiday weight gain at bay can be tricky, but weight loss physicians say that with enough discipline, it’s more than possible. If you have any other tips or tricks, feel free to share in the comments. See this reference for more.

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