Understanding Over the Counter Supplements for Hormonal Support

Supplements for metabolism

With so many vitamins and over the counter supplements to choose from, how can you really know what the best hormone support supplements are? There are entire stores dedicated to supplements sales. Each supplement claims to provide some type of benefit, including add energy, reduce fat, increase metabolism. Hormone support supplements claim to monitor changing hormones, especially during pregnancy and menopause changes. Supplements definitely can be beneficial for supporting the body, as long as you are taking the right ones.

The overabundance of supplements
Even just looking at one single vitamin type, you are likely to find hundreds of different brands and types. The problem with so many over the counter supplements on the market is that many of them are not actually approved. In the United States alone, there are more than 60,000 different compounds produced in large quantities for industrial and agricultural use, none of which require safety testing. This lack of safety testing means that they are never actually approved by the FDA or any other governing board. Over the counter supplement brands are not required to do the same testing, making it difficult to make the best selection.

The lack of knowledge involving vitamin absorption
In addition to the overabundance of vitamin supplies, the country is not well educated when it comes to supplements. We are constantly encouraged to take numerous vitamins, when really, our vitamin usage should be based on our specific diets and dietary needs. Hormone support supplements, for example, should only be used when hormonal changes are occurring. Health detoxification supplements should only be used for a short period of time, during a safe detox session.

In reality, our bodies can only absorb a set number of vitamins. Much of this vitamin absorption comes from the foods that we eat. Taking vitamins in excess amounts will do very little benefit for our bodies. Instead, a lot of the vitamin?s ingredients will go through the entire body, without absorption. This is why it is so important to monitor your dieting needs and evaluate the specific vitamins you require, as well as the amount that is needed.

Increased vitamin needs for hormone changes
It is true that the body does require additional nutrients during hormonal changes. If these nutrients cannot be consumed, the next best option is with over the counter hormone support supplements. However, it is still important to understand your specific hormonal changing needs. For example, a woman who is currently experiencing hormonal changes due to breast feeding is going to need different hormonal support vitamins than a woman going through menopause changes.

Calcium is one of the highest lacked vitamins during hormone changes. Currently, the Institute of Medicine, part of the National Academy of Sciences, recommends that adolescents get 1,300 milligrams of calcium a day. These recommended amounts, however, can change depending on the hormonal period of the woman?s life.

Additional hormone support vitamins
Although hormone balance supplements are the primary recommended vitamin for women during these changes, additional vitamins can be beneficial to supplement the vitamin intake. The best antioxidant vitamins can help to keep disease down and the immune system strong during these changing times. Antioxidant supplements benefits expand over many life changes and can be especially helpful for women?s hormonal changes.

Vitamins are a billion dollar industry in the United States. In fact, about two thirds of American adults take at least one dietary supplement, most often multivitamin or mineral pills. Although there are many benefits to supplements, they are not often consumed correctly. Everyone?s body requires different supplements and supplement amounts. Women going through hormonal changes may even require different amounts of hormonal supplements. Additionally, taking too much does not serve any extra added purpose. Understanding your vitamin needs and matching them to your specific dietary requirements is the best way to include supplements into your lifestyle.

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