Urgent Care Clinics Also Offer Preventative Care

Urgent care dentist

Going to an urgent care center for medical treatment is a smart way to deal with many illnesses and injuries. Urgent care is fast; the majority of urgent care patients wait for 15 minutes or fewer to be treated. Urgent care centers also have convenient hours and are required to be open every day of the week by the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine. Additionally, urgent care is an affordable choice for medical care, as they typically charge a copay similar to what you would pay your regular doctor and is significantly less expensive than the emergency room. What you might not know about urgent care centers though, is that they offer preventative care in addition to illness and injury treatment.
An important way to ensure you are healthy is to get tested for diseases like sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. You can visit an urgent care center to get tested for these and other diseases. You can also go to your nearest urgent care center for any preventative care you may need before you travel, such as vaccines and anti sickness treatments. You’ll want to avoid malaria, diarrhea, and motion or altitude sickness on your trip. Besides these, an urgent care clinic is typically equipped to perform services like EKGs and Xrays. Whether you’re looking for injury, illness, or even preventative health care treatment, your nearest urgent care clinic can handle it all.
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