Visiting a Medical Clinic For Urgent Care

Americans young and old often need medical assistance sometimes, and illnesses or injuries may be minor or life-threatening, or somewhere in between. It is important, then, for a person, or a nearby adult, to know where to find a medical clinic for help. In some cases, a person should be taken to an urgent care clinic, and clinic care can cover a wide variety of illnesses and wounds. Other times, an urgent medical clinic is not sufficient; a victim suffering a life-threatening problem needs emergency care instead, and this can save a life. It is vital for someone to know the difference between an urgent medical clinic and emergency care, since they are hardly the same thing. In either case, a person can use the Internet to find a local medical clinic, such as “urgent care near me Chicago” or “emergency medical clinic Miami FL” to find nearby clinics. A medical clinic will appear with its name, address, and hours of operation on an Internet search, and the victim can be taken there. What may be expected from urgent or medical care?

Emergency Care

A victim may need prompt emergency care if they are suffering from injuries, illness, or health conditions that can threaten their life, and urgent care alone cannot handle this. Instead, the doctors and physicians at an emergency care site, such as a hopsital’s ER, will have the training, medicine, and equipment to handle such cases. A patient may be admitted to emergency care for broken arms or legs, for example, or other physical trauma such as bullet or stab wounds. Eye or head wounds also call for an ER visit, and a patient may also be admitted to the ER if they have serious chest pain or difficulty breathing. Those conditions may soon lead to a heart attack or a lack of oxygen, and only an ER can get a patient out of such danger. But it should be noted that patients with non life-threatening problems should not visit the ER, since such places are needed for patients in critical condition. Rather, these patients with milder problems can and should visit an urgent care medical facility. Some ER patients are taking up room in a hospital when instead they can visit an urgent care clinic.

Visiting Urgent Care

A person who is suffering a mild illness or wound has no need for emergency care. Rather, these patients can visit urgent care clinics, which are plentiful across the United States and are often faster to visit than an ER anyway. These facilities number in the thousands, and they can be found in nearly any urban area. Such clinics are staffed with nurse practitioners and physicians who can treat a wide variety of non life-threatening illnesses or wounds, and such clinics may have broad hours of operation for convenience. These clinics tend to be independent or belong to small networks in their area, and many also accept various healthcare insurance policies. On average, a clinic that is running smoothly can see about three patients per hour, and a patient may expect a wait time of about 15 minutes or so.

What might be addressed at such a clinic? A patient can visit urgent care for the common cold or flu, especially during influenza season, and get medicine for relief. Patients can also visit urgent care for medicine for an allergy, food poisoning, or lotion for rashes on the skin. Upper respiratory problems are another common reason to visit urgent health clinics, and these clinics can also handle a variety of minor trauma cases. Four out of five such clinics can take care of bone fractures, and most of them can also help a patient with an ankle or wrist sprain. Nearly 25,000 Americans get ankle sprains every day, after all. Patients may also have minor cuts taken care of, such as if they mishandled a knife or if they stepped on broken glass.

Some urgent clinics are retail clinics; that is, they are built into larger retailers like Target or Walgreens and often have a pharmacy as well. These clinics can be easy to visit, since the host retailer is designed to easy to visit and get parking for.

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