What is an Ultrasonic Facial and How can it Benefit Your Skin?

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Ultrasonic facial machines are designed to produce spa-quality anti-aging results from the comfort of your own home. Ultrasonic facial devices are painless, gentle and safe and it can be used to treat skin on the face and body.

What do Ultrasonic Facial Machines Treat?

Ultrasonic facial treatment is an FDA-cleared cosmetic procedure used worldwide to replenish moisture and plump the skin, creating a smoother, younger look. Skin around the upper body, face and neck is tightened and cleansed naturally, which reduces blemishes and clears and tones skin.

Ultrasonic facials can also be used to accelerate the healing process after procedures like plastic surgery, which can cause puffiness, swelling and inflammation.

The devices can also fade dark under-eye circles, freckles and age spots to create a more even skin tone. Smaller scars can be repaired with ultrasonic treatment, and fine lines and wrinkles are softened. All of these effects combine to create younger, smoother and brighter looking skin.

How do Ultrasonic Facial Machines Work?

An ultrasonic facial uses high frequency sound waves emitted by a small device to penetrate deep below the skin’s surface. The micro-vibrations and warming effect created by these waves increases blood circulation, drains skin toxins and strengthens cell tissues. The increase in blood circulation also increases the flow of rejuvenating oxygen to skin cells.

Many devices come with several frequency settings and output levels to best treat different parts of the body.

Are Ultrasonic Facials Safe?

The sound produced by an ultrasonic facial machine can’t be heard by the human ear, making it a gentle and comfortable solution for skin treatment at home. It’s also non-invasive and actually encourages healing. Usually, devices only need to be used once a day for a few minutes, and they can increase the effectiveness of skin care creams and serums.

Ultrasonic facial devices are a great way to take years off your skin while saving money on plastic surgery or spa costs.

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