What Is The Most Common Health Issue In America?

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What do you look for in your doctors? Is it flexibility for a wide variety of issues or is it friendliness? Everyone has different goals when searching for regular nurses or doctors, but one thing’s for sure — we wouldn’t get far without them! Whether it’s an STD screening, physical therapy or new family plan you need, there are a myriad of regular doctors and assistants available to cure what ails you. Look below as I detail common health issues in America and the resources you can access to curb chronic pain.

Health In America

Did you know that over half of all Americans say lower back pain affects their day-to-day lives? It’s estimated that six out of 10 Baby Boomers will be managing a chronic condition soon, while one out of 10 have had their basic mobility limited to a few days per month. A recent study found that the total medical costs for back pain were nearly $3,000 for patients seeking out physical therapy for the first time. Why is this number so high?

Physical Therapy

Due to the prevalence of back pain in America, physical therapists are being turned to more than ever to stave off chronic stiffness, soreness and reduced mobility. While four out of 10 people will use exercise to curb consistent pain, it’s estimated at least 40% of people suffering from long-term back pain still don’t see a doctor. Postponing a check-up only worsens pre-existing conditions and make them harder to treat as time goes on, thus increasing the likelihood of repeat visits and possible surgery.

Need To Find Doctors?

Sprained your ankle or need to check on a stiff neck? Finding a regular doctor will go a long way in encouraging a confidential and secure relationship between you and your medical resources. While seeking out a therapist or medication is essential, doctors will also emphasize healthy day-to-day habits to prevent future issues from cropping up. The recent establishing of the Affordable Care Act has made it easier than ever before for low-income and disabled groups to access the healthcare they need to thrive. Look up your local walk-in clinics and get yourself a regular doctor today!

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