What Services Can Your Emergency Care Clinic Provide for You?

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Just why are urgent care clinics becoming so important in the healthcare industry?

It’s a pretty common question for people to ask, simply because these medical clinics are a middle-ground between regular family medical practices and hospital emergency rooms.

Urgent care walk in clinics are already known for being faster than emergency care departments in hospitals, while also being more affordable than most traditional doctor’s offices. So let’s take a quick look at some of the conditions that these clinics can treat — and then it might make a little more sense why emergency care clinics are growing in number so quickly!

  • Many urgent care centers provide emergency care without any appointments necessary, and in this respect, they’re similar to hospital ERs. The one major difference is that urgent care facilities really don’t treat life-threatening conditions or major injuries that require surgery. Small fractures, sprains, and common illnesses are all treatable at an urgent care facility.

  • Depending on the state in which the facility is located, you also might find that your medical clinic has prescription medication dispensing available. This usually includes medication for temporary conditions, like infections or painful fractures.

  • Many clinics also provide lab work, so they’re able to do blood work, test for diseases, and even test for STDs. Your nearest medical clinic is the perfect place to find out more information on sexual health concerns!

  • Some clinics also provide specialized services — but remember to double-check before going into the clinic! It’s common for medical centers to have a few doctors on staff that can provide specialized healthcare for women or children.

So now it’s time for you to think about it — what can your neighborhood medical clinic do for you? You might just be surprised by the answers!

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