When Should You Enter a Nursing Home

Nursing home activities

When one is facing or recovering from difficulties with their health, there usually comes a point where the patient does not or no longer needs to be hospitalized, and yet still requires care that they may be unable to provide themselves. In this case, a patient usually has two options: skilled nursing in home care, or the health services offered by a nursing home. The latter may seem out of place, as a skilled nursing care facility is usually seen as an organization dedicated to providing elder care. However, nursing homes are not reserved for the elderly; instead, they are designed for anyone who requires 24 hour care. If you or a loved one requires nursing care, you should consider which will best help you attain the services you need: skilled nursing in home care or the assistance of skilled care nursing facilities.

When choosing between skilled nursing in home care and a traditional nursing home, it is important to consider the needs of the patient. A nursing home, for example, is a place for people of all ages and medical situations who, for whatever reason, need additional care that they cannot access at home. For this reason, many elderly people come to live in nursing homes: while they do not need to be hospitalized, they do need regular medical care for dementia, limited mobility, and other consequences of aging. Moreover, nursing homes can provide a sense of normalcy and enjoyment near the end of one’s lives: some nursing homes allow married couples in need of care to continue to live together, and almost all offer nursing home activities for patients to engage in.

However, nursing homes can also be beneficial for those who have suffered physical trauma, cardiac difficulties, or are in the process of recovering from a medical problem. These short term services will often physical therapy, which is designed to make daily tasks and activities easier; as a result, physical therapy will often include help with walking, climbing stairs, or getting in and out of bed. A physical therapist may use manual therapy, education, and techniques including heat, cold, water, ultrasounds, and electrical stimulation to help a patient improve or recover their abilities.

While in home skilled nursing care can often be beneficial for patients, nursing homes should not be discounted. Do you or a loved one need constant care that cannot be provided at home for any number of reasons? Contact a nursing home in your area to discuss the services they offer.

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